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'N' Build your own Turnout Kits/Flexitrack


STOCK SITUATION - Finetrax Turnout Kits - Part 2

The owner of Finetrax has been decided to curtail all development work on the new style of Turnout Kit. The difficulties became insurmountable with costs continually mounting. As a result I have re-instated the original Fintrax Turnout kits on our website. We are low in stock (or have none) in some types/sizes and these will be ordered shortly.

Apologies to those that have been waiting for an upgraded kit.


Updated - Friday 29th April  

STOCK SITUATION - Finetrax Turnout Kits - Part 1

The supplier of our Finetrax Turnout kits has been in the process of upgrading the kits to make them easier to construct. This has been an ongoing process that has taken him far longer than either of us imagined. The principle reason was production difficulties with some of the parts - when delivered to him, they were not up to his normal high standard.

Upon receipt of the information concerning the upgrade, I decided that I would hold all orders for Finetrax kits, until such time as we had the upgraded ones available. The reason for this was that the new kits do not require the purchase of a jig. Therefore by delaying orders I was trying to save customers some money! 

I was originally told that the upgraded kits would be available in a few weeks and so we therefore informed all customers with new orders of this delay, and the reason for it.

Unfortunately the delay carried on into months and so I have decided that I will remove the old style kits from the website for the time being. As soon as the upgraded ones are actually in our possession I will restore them and deal with the outstanding orders.

If you were planning on ordering the Turnout Kits please could you please check back occasionally. I will put a notice on the Home page when they are available.

I apologise for any inconvenience caused


updated - Tuesday 26th April

C&L are plased to offer a selection of FlexiTrax products in N gauge, including Turnout Kits, Flexi Track and Jigs. We don't produce these kits ourselves but believe that they fill an important gap in our range, as we expand our products to cover more scales and gauges.

Finetrax in action (thanks to Chris Thane for allowing the use of his photos)


Before looking at the products, please note the following points.

Stock Levels

At present the stock numbers held are quite small. Obviously we have access to more of these products as and when they are needed. If any of the products are 'out of stock' then the following will be displayed "Pre Order - sent out 6 -7 days ". Please do not be put off from ordering by this statement - just carry on and order whatever you need. We will obtain the products and send them out to you as soon as possible and probably in less time than that stated.

Items require assembly

Please note that both the flexi track and turnouts kits are products that require making - they are not a finished 'ready to lay' items

What will run?

Only models with finer wheels and flanges will run on this fine code 40 track system. This usually means that models released within the last ten years will be fine. The track is designed to accept stock with a back to back of 7.4mm.

What else is required to complete a Turnout Kit?

  • 1 x Switch Blade Filing and Soldering Jig (listed within products below) - one jig will do multiple turnouts
  • A 25w Soldering Iron with 2mm Chisel Tip (C&L Product C1300)
  • 1mm Rosin Core Lead Free Solder
  • Sharp file for filing switch blades and cleaning up rail ends
  • Butanone for fixing Chairs to the Track Base (C&L Product C1501)
  • Xuron Track Cutters (C&L Product CZTRACK)

Further Help & Information

Click on individual turnout kits to see a list of downloads that include the relevent Template, Instructions and Assembly Details.

To see Photo of some Flexitrax parts - follow this LINK

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Finetrax - Chairs for Code 40 Bullhead Rail - WITH locating Pin - Sprue 12
12 Sprues of Chairs for Code 40 Bullhead Rail. Each Sprue has 2x Slide Chairs, 8x Normal Chairs and ..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Finetrax - Switchblade Chair Plate - Sprue of 16
Sprue of 16 Switch Blade Chair Plates for use with Finetrax turnout kits. Using the Switch Blade Fi..
Ex Tax: £1.83
Finetrax - Flexi Track Bullhead Code 40 Rail - 1 Metre
  1 Metre of Finetrax Bullhead Code 40 Flexi Track. ..
Ex Tax: £4.17
Finetrax - Switchblade Filling & Assembly Jig - A Planing
  An easy to use Jig aids in the filing of switch blad..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Finetrax - Switchblade Filling & Assembly Jig - B Planing
  An easy to use Jig aids in the filing of switch blad..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Finetrax - Switchblade Filling & Assembly Jig - C Planing
  An easy to use Jig aids in the filing of switch blad..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Finetrax - Code 40 Bullhead Rail - 10 Metres
Ex Tax: £6.67

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