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S7 Tie/Stretcher Bars

S7 Tie Bars

7TIS7 - Brass Wire

These consist of two pieces of brass wire held in place by a plastic based insulating material, with a suitable gap between the two ends in the centre thus ensuring electrical insulation. The outer ends of the brass wire are formed into a loop (pigs tail) to enable them to be easily soldered to the appropriate switch blades. Due to their size and shape they provide a prototypical looking tie/stretcher bar. However, due to their size they should not be relied upon completely, especially where repeated use is made of the turnout using a non delicate operating system!

For additional strength and to ensure reliable operation (by whatever means is chosen), it is recommended that a more robust fixture be completed under the baseboard, using brass ‘dropper’ wires from each switch blade. These fit through a small hole in the baseboard and are then soldered to a piece of Copperclad, to which the main operating wire is attached. If you use this system, remember to scrap away some of the Copperclad between the two dropper wires to ensure that there is an electrical break to prevent a short circuit.

This is just one of many possible solutions that can be considered when deciding upon a more robust operating system.

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Tie/Stretcher Bars - 33mm - 2
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