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Common Crossings

S7 Common Crossings (often referred to as 'Frogs'

A common crossing is made up of two elements, a crossing vee and wing rails. The crossing vee has two rails, the point rail (carrying the main route) and the splice rail (carrying the diverging route). We sell crossing vees as a separate item if you want to save money by making and then attaching the wing rails yourself.

Our common crossings come complete and ready to use. The actual vees are not silver soldered, but assembled with 227° solder. If you plan to solder them to PCB or rivets, it is best done with 145° solder.

We sell various types of brass chairs which can be used to improve the look of the common crossing.  If you are the 'belt & braces' type of modeller these chairs can be used to provide it with more support, although most are happy to rely on the strength of the Butanone, it having welded the plastic of the chair to that of the turnout timber.

Common Crossings for S7 have tighter clearances between the wing rail and the vee than those for F7.

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