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Re-Railer (NEW)

This re-railer was produced some years ago by Bob Wood at Railwood. Bob is no longer trades and so these useful re-railers are no longer generally available.

We have purchased a small stock but when they are sold we will not be able to source any more.

Ideal for locos with 4 wheeled bogies that are hidden by outside cylinders or trailing axles in particular, as well as for coaching stock with bobies. Simply place the re-railer ontop of the track. The narrow end folds down over the inside of the rail. Place the vehicle onto the re-railer and push it to the back so that all the wheel line up against the raised section, then slowly roll the vehicle down the re-railer directly onto the track. All the wheels will automatically drop onto the track without the need to re-position them by hand. This device makes adding rolling stock onto a layout so much easier! 

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