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Stock situation re F7 Rail - We are currently waiting for a delivery of 7mm rail. The supplier is unable to give us an exact date for the delivery but we are hopeful that it will be within the next three weeks. There has been an issue at the factory that makes it. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused. 

Updated  3rd November 2016

7mm Nickel Silver Rail - Code 125

The Nickel Silver rail is our 'HiNi' brand. Unique to C&L, it has a nickel silver content of around 18% rather than the general 12% from other manufacturers. This makes it highly corrosion resistant with the added benefit that it tends to look more like the colour of steel rail, rather than the ''yellow' effect of normal nickel silver rail.


Our rail comes either in 1 metre lengths, or cut in half (2 x 50cm). The reason for the two options re length is the cost of the carriage. Royal Mail will no longer deliver our track boxes containing rail or track at 1 metre long. We now have to use a courier for items that are 1 metre long (cost £8.50) or when cut to 500mm we can still send with Royal Mail at a cost of around £5.50.

Please make sure that you order the length that you require, bearing in mind the difference is carriage costs between the two

We do not offer a service of cutting 100 metre packs, as they would be delivered via a courier anyway, due to their weight.

The normal packet size contains 10 metres of rail, although some rails are available in packs of 100 metres for savings in cost, where a large quantity of rail is required.


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