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Trackbases (Plastic & Plywood)

P4 Trackbase - Plastic & Plywood

Plastic - C&L Range

P4 Track Base - C&L (4TBP4) (0.8mm thick)

This is the plastic sleepers (with moulded chairs included) that are linked together with webs to form short panels, as used in the making of our Flexi-track. In effect, the track without the rail! Depth is the usual C&L thin 0.8mm. Comes in packs of 5 metres.

Plastic - Exactostock Range

P4 Track Base - Exactoscale (Fast Track)

The Exactoscale equilivent of the C&L trackbase but thick (1.6mm). Available for both bullhead (wood looking sleepers) and flat bottom rail (concrete looking  sleepers). Comes in packs of 2 metres.

In P4 there is an additional track base that is 'gauge widened' for use on curves.

P4 - 'Plain Line' track panels

These panels represnet either pre 1st world war 45 foot panels or later 60 panels of track. They are in effect sleepers spaced correctly, but with the moulded chair (unlike the 'fast track' bases) which enables the modeller to fit whichever chairs are appropriate for their model. We offer 2, 3 or 4 bolt chairs (see the chairs category for more details on which companies used which type).The panels come with extra wide sleepers adjacent to the rail joint, but are usable for railway companies that did not use wider sleepers. Simply chop off the wide sleeper.' Links' to detailed instructions appear after the next photo.

Also available is a version in P4 for curves where the number of sleepers is increased to 26 instead of the normal 24 per panel. The picture has a check rail added for additional interest! 

New Track - Instructions for use

NewTrack plain line - 24 sleepers/60ft panel ---> Download (46KB)

NewTrack plain line - 26 sleepers/60ft panel ---> Download (46KB)

NewTrack plain line - 18 sleepers/45ft panel ---> Download (48KB)

Samples of the P4 range

Plywood - Turnout Trackbases (NEW)

Laser Cut Plwood Trackbase are now avilable under the C&L Range. These match the C&L flexitrack and turnout kits and are called 'Thin'. These replace the previously stocked Timber Tracks range.

A new Exactoscale range has been introduced to match with the depth of Exactoscale trackwork. These are know as 'Thick'.

More details will appear here shortly.

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