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Exactoscale 'easy build' Turnout & Trackwork kits

The finished Exactoscale turnout

Exactoscale Turnout kits are straightforward to make but include considerably more detail than C&L turnout kits. For example whereas the C&L kit has just two types of chair included (running and slide), Exactoscale kits have a range of special chairs, each of which is used as per the prototype in a particular location within the turnout. One special set covers the chairs required to complete the area around the common crossing whilst another set covers the switch assembly.

For detailed instructions on how and where to use these chairs please go to the Knowledge Centre and then open the page for Exactoscale - Instructions 4mm - covering track or follow this LINK 

This is another difference. On the C&L kit the stock rails are one long rail, as are switch blades. Cosmetic fishplates are added to represent the rail joint that takes place on the prototype somewhere around halfway along each. The Exactoscale kit accurately reflects the prototype in that the first half of both the switchblade and the stock rail on each side come as a complete assembly (see photo). Closure rails are then used to fill the gap between the end of the switch blades and the start of the common crossing. These switch assemblies are made up from the tapered switch blade and stock rail that are pre-soldered onto a brass etch which sits under the rails and is therefore invisible. The common crossings are put together in the same way.

Another difference when compared to the C&L kit is the fact that the turnout timbers come joined together with small web ensuring that the spacing is correct.

The timbers themselves have small pimples that protrude on the top surface and which are used to ensure that the chairs are located accurately, as the chairs have holes in their base that sit down over each pimple. Gauges should still be used to ensure accuracy of the track gauge but in effect they could be dispensed with as the chairs will only fit in one place on the timber and the timbers are in effect fixed together.

A paper template is included for additional information and to show the positioning of the special chairs referred to above.

These kits are now available in both Steel and Nickel Silver rail. 


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