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C&L - OO Sleepers

Please Note - C&L OO sleepers are unique as they take into account the fact that OO track is in effect 'under gauge' when compared with the prototype. It would look silly to have rails that are in effect 4' 3" in gauge, which is what OO track works out as, sat on sleepers that were a scale 8' 6" long. In order to maintain a prototypical look, we offer sleepers for OO that give the scale distance from the outer edge of each rail to the outer edge of the sleeper, thus maintaining the correct balance and look.

9 ft sleepers were used prior to 1914. After this, their length was reduced to 8 ft 6 ins, although much existing track would have lasted for some years - especially in sidings.

Thin sleepers and timbering will match our Flexitrack and the ply sleepering of the Timbertracks range. Thin sleepering is used to save on the amount of ballast needed to bring the level up to the top of the sleepers. On larger layouts this can be a considerable saving in ballast and therefore in weight

Thick sleepers and timbering equate to a scale 5" depth.

"DOW-MAC" sleepers combined with GWR 2 bolt chairs produce the bullhead rail and concrete sleeper combination introduced in the mid 1940s.

OO Track Base - C&L (4TBOO) 

This is the plastic sleepers (with moulded chairs included) that are linked together with webs to form short panels, as used in the making of our Flexi-track. In effect, the track without the rail! Depth is the usual C&L thin 0.8mm. Comes in packs of 5 metres.

OO Track Base - Exactoscale (Fast Track)

The Exactoscale equilivent of the C&L trackbase but thick (1.6mm). Available for both bullhead (wood looking sleepers) and flat bottom rail (concrete looking  sleepers). Comes in packs of 2 metres.

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Sleepers - OO (32mm) - thin - 100  (matches C&L Flexitrack for depth) Scale length for OO only
Ex Tax: £6.00
Track Base - OO (16.5mm) - plastic - 5 metres (see note)
There is an issue with the tooling that makes this trackbase. The middle sleeper has a slight fault...
Ex Tax: £20.83

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