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C&L Trackwork Kits (Slips, 3 Way, Diamonds)

C&L Turnout Kits (single straight forward left or right turnout)

A C&L Turnout Kit is designed for the modeller who wants to have prototypical looking point and crossing trackwork, but who either does not have the time, the skills or the inclination to make the more difficult and time consuming parts. Kits can be made for a variety of crossing angles. To work out which angle you need, please refer to the Table under FAQ's (above) where the approximate radius for each angle is given for the various scales.

Build on a curve?

C&L Turnout Kits have the added advantage over a standard 'ready to' run turnouts in that they can be built on a curve, to suit your requirements. You simply cut through the paper template (almost to the far edge) five or six times and then 'fan' the template to the curvature required and fix it down on a board, then build the kit directly on top and your turnout will match the curve that you require. If you intend to build a curved turnout, choose the kit with the crossing angle that is one larger than the radius that you need and then bend the template to the curvature that you require.

A standard kit consists of the following:

Paper Template x 2 (right and left) - Use one to build you kit on top of, and the spare to act as a reference which remains clear and easy to read

Turnout Timbers  - plastic or plywood depending upon whether you are buying a C&L (plastic) or Timber Tracks (plywood) kit

Rail - cut to slightly over length, plus sufficient for the check rails

Chairs - sufficient running chairs and slide chairs to use as designed, along with spares to cut in half to place alongside the common crossing and to fit into places with restricted space

Common Crossing (frog) - the crossing vee and wing rails come already made up in one unit, soldered together and ready to install 

Switch Blades - a pair of blades that have already been machined to shape to fit neatly against the stock rail

Tie Bars - a pairs of round (rod) style prototypical looking tie bars

Track Gauges - roller types

Fishplates - (plastic) prototypical looking to act both as a insulated rail join and as a cosmetic join where necessary  

Instructions - these have been written with the beginner in mind

What else is needed to complete the kit?

Just a bottle of Butanone (product C1501) to glue the chairs to the timbers

How do you actually build the kit?

Easily! You can use the paper template to help you design the track layout. Then simply fix the paper template either to a board on your workbench or directly onto the baseboard. Start by fixing some double sided tape along the track centres and then place the turnout timbers in place, using the markings on the template as a guide. Slide the chairs onto the rails in the order given in the instructions. Place the first chair on the straight stock rail onto the first timber and using a kids paint brush, apply the Butanone and hold together for 10 seconds. The chair is then fixed firmly to the timber due to the two plastics in effect being 'welded' together. Repeat for the rest of the stock rail. Slide the chairs onto the common crossing and use the gauges and template markings to position it correctly and glue it down. Gauge across to the curved stock rail and fix. Finally add the switch blades and tie bars. Finish off by adding in the check rails and the additional chairs to the sides of the common crossing.

Is any Soldering required?

The only items that need soldering are:

1) A drop wire from the underside of the common crossing unit to provide its electrical feed

2) A pair of tiny 'jump wires' connecting the undersides of the stock (outer) rail and its adjacent switch rail, to provide electrical continuity, without relying on the contact between the switch rail and the stock rail

3) Optional - It is recommended that the tie bars be soldered to the switch blades but you can use Araldite or similar if necessary

C&L ‘Trackwork’ Kits

Our range of ‘Trackwork’ kits cover any kit that is not a straight forward left or right turnouts. Those currently available comprise: Diamond Crossings, Single or Double Slips and 3 Way turnouts.

They are made up of the same components and in the same manner as the Turnout Kits but are by definition slightly more complicated. It is recommended that if you have not built trackwork before, you should consider putting together at least one Turnout Kit before purchasing a Trackwork version.

Instructions for Diamond Crossings and 3 Ways are available but those for Slips are currently being written

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