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Weathering Powders - C&L

Weathering Powders

These finely ground pigments have a slightly greasy nature so that they may be rubbed into a textured finish to produce a permanent stain. They should be brushed or rubbed onto the model with a fingertip, cotton wool or felt pads, then worked into the corners and cracks. They may be smeared with a pad of blotting paper, or fingers and mixed together to get varying hues. Water streaking may be achieved with a paintbrush and water with detergent. The white powder may be used for lime-streaked effects. On gloss-finished surfaces to which the powders may not readily adhere, a matt varnish may be used to provide a base surface. Wet & oily areas should be picked out with a gloss varnish. No further protection is needed and handling a weathered vehicle seems to improve it rather than spoil the finish. Each pack contains four colours.

Rust and Coal Dust - a fresh oxide colour and a darker rust as well as a jet-black and an oily powder.

Shades of Mud - a very dark brown, two lighter browns and a sandy chalk colour.

Spring Greens - four shades of green, two bright ones and the other two of a more natural toning.

Mellow Yellows - has four shades, typical of dry grass and dead leaves.

Grey tones - ideal for toning down paintwork and putting dust onto wagon sides and carriage roofs.

Primary Tints - used for blending into other powders so as to vary the hues and create subtle changes. It contains a strong white, ultramarine blue, and a bright yellow together with a strong red.

These are very good for dry dusting fibrous surfaces such as brushed Topsoil, torn lint and carpet felt, as they do not cause any matting of the fibre as paint so often does.

Please note - these are not powder paints, or powdered chalks. They are pure pigments as used in the ceramics industry, hence the strength of colour and fineness of their consistency. These latter qualities are necessary to produce the necessary colour density.

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