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EM Range of Templates

NEW - General Purpose Templates

We have been busy adding our huge range of Templates to the web site. Check back for further additions over the next few days.

The Templates are printed onto good quality paper directly from the original file, as drawn by Len Newman, and are not photocopies which can easily distort the length/width and therefore alter crucial dimensions. For anyone without the capabilities (or time) to get what they want from Templot, this range should be a huge help.

The range includes straight, curved and tandem turnouts as well as slips (double and single) and diamonds. There are also transitional curves available.

The Templates have been drawn from the Standard drawings as issued by the LNER in around 1924. Please don't be put off as after the Grouping all the major companies used these drawings for their Point and Crossings installations (except the GWR). Die hard GWR fans will know what needs to be done to make a 'standard' turnout look like a GWR one. In time we will have these available, along with specific templates for many other pre Grouping companies. Eventually there will literally be thousands available, through all the usual scales and gauges.

How to find what you want/Order

Obviously it is impossible to list every single template separately and so we have used a system of 'Main Headings' and 'Options'. When you click on the Main Heading for a particular group of Templates i.e. 'OO' - curved, you will be asked to make selections from a number of 'drop down' boxes showing a list of exactly what is available within that range. Once you have made your selections, click on 'Add to Cart'. The exact details of your requirements will then be added to your Shopping Basket, where you will be able to review the options you have selected. If they are not correct, click the Red Cross next to the entry to remove that template and make a new selection.

Discount Scheme for 'multiple purchases' has now been added, which brings down the unit cost per template by up to 30%, depending upon the number that are ordered together. This discounts work across the complete range and allow the purchase of separate templates in any of the scales/gauges, should you have such a need. Alternatively you could club together with friends to make up a larger order to achieve a larger discount!

Templates Purchased -

     From           To       Percentage Discount  (on price net of VAT)
1 2 Nil
3 4 5%
5 6 10%
7 8 15%
9 10 20%
11 14 25%
15+   30%

The higher costs of these Templates (when compared against that of the C&L range ) reflects the amount of time taken to individually draw each template (still ongoing after a number of years). Each can take a full day to complete and comes with a huge range of information including type and totals for each type of chair required, length and radius of each individual rail used etc.

These Templates are the Copyright of C&L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Copying is permitted for your own use, but such copies must not be supplied to other persons, nor made available to members of the public by any means

Please remember that this range represents almost half a life-times work by Len Newman, and we ask that you treat our property with respect and pay for your copy, rather than obtaining it illegally. We will take proceedings where Copyright infringements occur. 

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