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4ZZ106A - Tree MouldingsThese are plastic mouldings of a tree trunk and branches. Each tree comes in 3 parts to allow for differing combinations of size and shape. When used with good quality foliage they can look very realistic. An article is being written on how to achieve this and it will be posted as a Data Sheet when available. Each pack contains enough mouldings to make 10 trees.

C1114 - Straw, C1115 - Autumn Leaves, C1128 - Snow, C1130 - Light Green, C1131 - Mid Green, C1132 - Dark Green, C1133 - Tree Foliage

The elusive texture of delicate and yet dense grassland, vegetation, tree leaves, etc. is best represented by finely ground foam rubber. Whilst this may not be as cheap as dyed sawdust or cork, the effect is far more lifelike.

The dyes used in colouring also have a bearing. All too often layouts are spoilt by having colours that have faded. With this in mind the colours that we have used are known to be colourfast materials, although this does make them more expensive to purchase!.

Scenic Scatters are normally secured to the sub strata by Spray Mount or the cheapest, stickiest hair spray available. Spray over the desired area. Grassland is not even in colour; depressions for example will be darker in colour because they collect more moisture. Therefore, for smaller areas of differing colour, make a mask by tearing an irregular shaped hole in a piece of paper and spray through this. When dry, surplus material can be brushed or vacuumed. Scenic Scatter may be used in patches on the ground or as a coating to hedges, and twigs teased out of our product ‘Sprigs’.

C1079 - Sleeper Stain This is an acrylic based dye, matched to newly creosoted timber. It may be weathered to produce the grey tones of bleached wood and highlighted with Weathering Powders where required.  Although designed for wooden sleepers, this stain may be used wherever timber is modeled on your layout. In particular it is very resistant to ultraviolet light and so does not fade under fluorescent light or sunlight like the common DIY wood dyes. If diluted with an Acrylic Thinning Medium, a thin wash will help to ‘harmonize’ ballast and sleepers.

C1091 - Sprigs 

Better known as rubberised hog’s hair, this can be used for making hedges, bushes and small trees. It can be cut or torn to the required shape, sprayed and then dusted with Scenic Scatter.

C1095 Coal  + C1096 Fine Coal

Coal was the most abundant form of traffic on the railways. It was screened at the colliery, so that it was already graded as it left on its journey.  The following sizes were typical:-

Steam coal       over 8"       Industrial         8"-4"

Household        2"-4"           Coking Slack   less than 2"  

The coal in loaded coal wagons was usually ‘humped up’ in the middle of the wagon, having been loaded from above by a single or double hopper. 

Suggestion - Carve a block of expanded polystyrene into the humped shape, and paint it black, to make a suitable humped base. Paint over with glue and then cover with coal. This technique reduces the amount of coal used, and keeps the weight down, so your locos should be able to pull more wagons in longer train lengths.

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