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Carr's Scatter

C1114 - Straw, C1115 - Autumn Leaves, C1128 - Snow, C1130 - Light Green, C1131 - Mid Green, C1132 - Dark Green, C1133 - Tree Foliage

The elusive texture of delicate and yet dense grassland, vegetation, tree leaves, etc. is best represented by finely ground foam rubber. Whilst this may not be as cheap as dyed sawdust or cork, the effect is far more lifelike.

The dyes used in colouring also have a bearing. All too often layouts are spoilt by having colours that have faded. With this in mind the colours that we have used are known to be colourfast materials, although this does make them more expensive to purchase!.

Scenic Scatters are normally secured to the sub strata by Spray Mount or the cheapest, stickiest hair spray available. Spray over the desired area. Grassland is not even in colour; depressions for example will be darker in colour because they collect more moisture. Therefore, for smaller areas of differing colour, make a mask by tearing an irregular shaped hole in a piece of paper and spray through this. When dry, surplus material can be brushed or vacuumed. Scenic Scatter may be used in patches on the ground or as a coating to hedges, and twigs teased out of our product ‘Sprigs’.


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