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Solder Creams/Paint

C1016 – 179 Deg C No Clean Solder Cream. C1017 – 138 Deg C No Clean Solder Cream.

The introduction of these two creams has revolutionised the construction of etched brass kits and many modelers now use little other than these. Everything about them is good. The particle size is right; the particle shape is right; the resin flux is the best we have used. They are both supplied in syringes, together with a micro nozzle, which allows you to apply the very minimum amount you need. Consequently, the work is neater and cleaning up is but seconds work. The 179 cream is suitable for the main jobs, chassis construction, soldering boilers, etc. whilst the 138 is ideal for adding detail.  Solder Creams are particularly suited to the use of Resistance Soldering Units.

C1040 - 188 Solder Paint (back in stock - 30/1/16)

This is a suspension of No 188 solder powder in an active flux compound. From the modeler’s point of view, its best use is for tinning steel. To use, clean both surfaces and apply a thin smear of paint to one side or else they can be dipped.  The joint is then assembled, held and heated until the solder melts to show a silvery line through the black flux residues.  Hottape and Solder Mask are particularly useful with solder paints and creams.  When you open the jar, there will be a clear liquid on top of the solder. This is the flux. Be assured, we have not watered it down! Solder powder is obviously much heavier than the liquid flux, so before using, be sure to give it a good stir.

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