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Major Change to sending Fluxes/Hazardous Products


All Fluxes and other products with a hazard label, MUST now be sent using our courier service with CITY LINK within the UKThis also includes aerosols.

It is now illegal (and a criminal offence) for us to send these products with Royal Mail.

The cost should work out at £5.75 for the first item. This is the cost I actually pay City Link and does not include adding anything for packaging. It is by far the cheapest quote I could find, although still expensive if only buying one item. The next cheapest was over £7 for the first item, and it is therefore important that customers try and wait until they have other items to order, rather than just buying one bottle on its own.

For overseas orders please contact us by email and we will try and find a courier who will transport these items to the respective country, and then get back to you with a quote.

We apologise for this inconvenience but it is out of our hands and I can't risk personally ending up in Court by continuing to send fluxes with Royal Mail.

As a result of these changes, it is likely that we will have to start taking these products to Shows with us once again, in order to give customers an option that does not include this carriage charge. We will examine this when we carry out our review of the show season at the end of June.

Regards.   Pete Llewellyn

Descriptions of Products and their uses.

For actual products please scroll further down the page.






Use for Brass, Steel, Copper, Nickel Silver and similar alloys but NOT stainless steel.

Is an ‘active’ flux & therefore leaves residues that are corrosive.

Need to remove these using Neutralising Rinse, and then rinse with water.



Is an ‘organic’ compound.

Is Active at low temperature.

Ideal for White Metal + other non-ferrous metals.

Breaks down at 240 degrees to leave non-corrosive residues. Still a need to rinse with water.




Use for White Metal, Brass, Nickel Silver and other copper based alloys.




Use for steel & galvanised metals.

A powerful ‘general purpose’ flux.

Need to remove residues with Neutralising Rinse then rinse with water.

Is the equivalent to ‘Bakers Fluid for Steel.’



Use with Caution – Corrosive Acid

Use for stainless steel and other difficult metals.

Stainless steel should be soldered at the lowest practical temperature.

When heated an oxide skin is formed and Brown reduces this back to base metal, up to 400C.



Non-corrosive flux – use for jobs that can’t be washed i.e. track laying or electrical wiring.

Compatible with speedy solder.

Clean off with Cleaner Degreaser if there is a need to paint over the joint.



A powerful, highly corrosive flux.

Use for Aluminium.

This flux will strip away oxide and allow 179 strip solder to penetrate beneath, to fuse with the Aluminium


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