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Soldering Irons

Soldering irons

We currently stock just two Antex Soldering irons, the XS25 (a 25 watt Iron) and the TCS50 (a 50 watt iron with temp adjustable iron ideal for whitemetal).

We will shortly have a new range of Irons in stock with bits to go with them. Watch this space!

Does this sound familiar?

You have a white metal kit that needs soldering. You dab at the castings gingerly, praying that you will not melt any of them. White metal solder does not 'creep' as well as normal solders, so you have the added problem of not being sure the joint is sound. What you really would like to do is to 'sweat' white metal exactly as you would when working with brass or nickel silver, i.e. place the iron on one surface to 'draw in' the solder.

Well, now you can, for we have exactly what is needed. Our iron is based on the Antex TCS 50 watt iron. There is a trimmer control built into the handle and the tip temperature is broadly adjustable between 100 and 160° C.

As most white metal casters use alloys that melt between 225 and 243° C you can solder with the confidence of knowing you will not melt your castings.

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