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Oil & Grease

These embody the very latest developments in silicone lubrication technology.  They contain no volatile ingredients, so they do not dry out with time. They repel moisture and do not pick up dirt and dust.  Furthermore they do not creep along shafts and spread to wheel treads and other places where they are not wanted!

Both are packed in a syringe fitted with a short square cut tubular needle for precise application. 

Micro Grease - C1204 

Flouro-silicone greases have a high retention (they do not fly off high speed gears) and low shear strength (low friction) together with a very high film strength for reduced wear and high bearing pressures.  It is ideal for gears, particularly exposed ones and those where the surfaces slide, such as worm gears - so common in model railway transmissions.

Micro Oil - C1205

Micro Oil is a solvent free, low viscosity oil, with good penetrating qualities, which will not affect plastics or rubbers.

Etched Primer – C1610 (500ml aerosol can)

It can be hard to get paint to adhere to brass. This product works really well. It provides good adhesion on brass and nickel silver and is equally at home on plastics. It dries quickly to a hard matt surface, which can be over coated with enamels, acrylics and cellulose. It is also effective on steel and aluminium. A 500ml aerosol can will last for ages and we think it is the best etch primer there is! 

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