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Treatments/Chemicals & Dispencers

Useful 'Dispencers' for some of these products can be found at the end of the list of Carr's products under the DELUXE range - see products DLAC10 & DLAC11

C1052 - Neutralizing Rinse 

Fluxes leave residues that MUST be removed.  If you are using a ‘No Clean Solder’, such as Carr’s Solder Creams or a resin cored flux, and you are soldering electrical components and wires, then no further treatment may be necessary. However, in all other circumstances it will be necessary to remove the remaining acidic residues, as failure to do so will result in paint covering the joint that bubbles and peels later on. 

To remove these residues, brush or immerse in Neutralizing Rinse and then wash off with several changes of water.

C1056 - Surface Conditioner

Copper based alloys such as brass, can be immersed in a plastic bath of Surface Conditioner to remove Oxidation, heat stains, etc. After cleaning in this chemical the metal should be rinsed under a running tap until the water will no longer wet it.  A product so treated will remain bright and shiny for some time without further treatment. It will also take solder without further cleaning.  Whilst it is most effective on brass it also works on nickel silver.  It does not tend to remove staining caused by excessive flux or other acid attack on metal.  It does has a slight etching effect on brass and treated brass surfaces will retain paint without the use of zinc chromate or self-etching primers. In fact, it is an excellent pre-painting or pre metal blackening treatment for any metal.

C1060 - Acidip

This dioxides and prepares metals for soldering, blackening and painting.  It may also be used for cleaning up flux residues after soldering.

Metal Blackening

See the Data Sheet (listed on Top Menu) for details on this subjet

C1072 - Electrofix

Electrofix is essential for use in electrical wiring to prevent a soldered joint from corroding. It is a lacquer, which will prevent Metal Black patinas from being rubbed away. It will provide a low strength seal for nuts and bolts, where it is not desirable to use Loctite or similar compounds. Electrofix is essential for the protection of soldered joints made in aluminum. 

Note - It attacks some plastics so please test and use with care.

C1202 - Window Film

This is a cellulose compound of high surface tension, which dries to a thin clear film.  It may be used for windows up to half an inch square or for items such as umbrellas and signal lenses etc, as it can be coloured with a felt-tip pen.  A loop of wire such as a bent paper clip is dipped into the liquid and drawn out with the film of liquid across it.  It is immediately placed over the window frame to which it will adhere.  After about five minutes it dries and shrinks to produce a tight glasslike pane. For application to curved diesel windows it may cast as a thin film over a Plasticene former, then trimmed and glued in.  It may also be applied to small apertures as a blob on the end of a cocktail stick and drawn around and across the hole.  This will result in a lens effect due to the extra thickness at the edges.

C1203 – Transfix (Fixing Transfers)

Transfix is a softener for transfer carrier films.  It allows the transfer to lie down over raised details such as planks, rivets etc. and to conform to double curvatures as on cars and aircraft models.  It may also be used to fix and reposition "Pressfix" transfers after removal of the adhesive.  After a coat of clear varnish the softened edges are no longer apparent.

Oil/Grease & Etched primer

The Oil and Grease are quite simply the best available on the market. (If price is a guide, the Grease - which is an 'extreme pressure, apply and forget' compound, is over 25 times as expensive as normal vehicle grease!).




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