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Cork/Rubberised Cork & Foam

C1081 - Sliced Cork (approx 5m x 3mm thick with chamfered edge)

Cork is a widely used track underlay. When sliced with a chamfer, it is fast to lay, has an accurate profile and preserves your setting out. It may be curved to suit without further cutting. It is laid on one side of the marked out centre line, so that when the second strip is laid against it, the joint shows the centre for accurate track laying.

For double track, a third strip is laid upside down, with its chamfered edge lapping that of the first track, this gives the correct minimum spacing of 46mm for 4mm scale between running lines. A fourth strip is then added as normal to complete the underlay. Pointwork is covered by laying the outer strips first, then lapping and slitting the inner ones to fit between them.

C1084 - Sheet Cork (12” x 36” x 1/16”) C1085 - Sheet Cork (12” x 36” x 3 mm)

Our suggestion is that you should not pin your track down, as there is then a tendency to cause the sleepers to bend inwards and so alter the gauge. Instead, try using a light smear of Evo-Stik, applied about every 3-4 sleepers. This is usually sufficient, especially if weights are then used to hold the track in position until dry.

We supply cork sheet (3 feet x 1 foot) to use in areas of pointwork and sidings. Our Sliced Cork strips can be laid on either side of the area, which is then filled in with these sheets.

Please note: Cork is a natural product and its thickness can vary from batch to batch. Also the 1/16th" material is still measured in imperial measurements for length and width, but is now a nominal 1.4mm thick. Therefore if thickness is critical, it is sensible to order as much as you are going to need in one order.

C1086 - Foam Underlay (1m x 0.5 m x 3mm)

Many modellers prefer to use a foam underlay and there is more ‘give’ in the foam than cork and so trackwork can to some extent float (like the real thing) rather than be fixed rigidly as with cork. Most customers lay the sheet across the main area of their baseboard, rather than cutting it to the shape of just the Trackwork area.

Carpet underlay adhesive in an aerosol form is ideal for fixing. Any areas were you need to get to the baseboard can be easily cut away with a sharp knife.

C1088 – Rubberised Cork (1m x 0.5m x 3mm)

This is a fairly new product in our range. It comes somewhere between cork and foam in terms of density. It’s big advantage over cork is that it is flexible and capable of being bent without breaking. It is also heat resistant and waterproof, as it is in fact car engine gasket material, although hopefully those characteristics will not be needed as such on a model railway!

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