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Baseboard Fittings

Baseboard End Track Protectors

C1011 - 2mm and 3mm    C1012 - 4mm, 7mm and 10mm

These are ‘lollipop’ shaped etchings, made from heavy 28 and 32 thou brass.

What do they do?


  1. Protect the ends of rails at baseboard joints whilst layouts are being transported
  2. Electrical current is automatically fed across the baseboard joint without the need for additional wires and connectors.

How to use

Recess them into the ends of your baseboard and solder the underside of the rail end to a reinforced lug which is angled back onto the top surface of the protector. Your track is now totally protected from damage when you are moving the baseboards.


The added bonus is that the End Track Protectors incorporates a springy contact. By soldering an electrical feed to one set, the current is not only fed to the rails on that board, but is carried across the baseboard to the next automatically.

C1191 - Baseboard Joiners (alignment dowels)

These are steel 25mm round dowel type fixings that have become the standard for exhibition layouts. Unlike brass dowels, once fixed they do not move within the wood and provide accurate alignment of the baseboards, by means of a male and female fitting that are recessed slightly into the end of the baseboards. A 25mm flat drill piece will be required. Screws are included and one pair will deal with one join, i.e. will join two baseboards.

C1190 - Tee Nuts & Bolts

Whilst the Baseboard Joiners hold the boards in perfect alignment, you will still need nuts and bolts to hold the boards together. Pronged tee nuts and bolts are used to overcome the problem of dropping nuts/washers whilst trying to use conventional nuts and bolts The prongs around the nut bite into the wood and stay there. Smear a little Evo-Stik onto the side of the washer that lies against the wood, and tighten up. From then on, you only have the bolt to deal with, rather than trying to reach up under both sides of the baseboard end boards.

C1192 Adjustable Baseboard feet

These fittings screw onto the side of each baseboard leg. The round plastic foot is adjustable by means of a screw thread. This allows for small height adjustments enabling accurate levelling of the baseboard top on uneven floor surfaces. They come in pairs and will therefore deal with one set of legs per pack.

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