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C&L Ballast (2mm, 4mm, 7mm and general)

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We have held some fairly crude experiments and come up with the following table. However, please bear in mind that this is only intended as a rough guide. We used the standard 15" width from the end of the sleepers to the outer edge of the ballast. We only ballasted one single line of track. If you intend to ballast double track then more ballast will be required than shown due to the need to infill in the 'six foot' between the tracks.

C&L Track flexitrack was used for this test. The sleepers are thinner than Exactoscale sleepers, where obviously more ballast would be needed.

Scale & Jar Size Actual Rounded
4mm Small Jar 3.75 metres 4 metres
4mm Large Jar 7.5 metres 8 metres
7mm Small Jar 1.4 metres 1.5 metres
7mm Large Jar 2.8 metres 3 metres

The rounded figures are included to enable a quick calculation to be made, but in most case one extra jar at least is likely to be needed, unless only a very short length is to be ballasted.


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