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An example of a three aspect basic signal (coming shortly), as built by Howard Smith and featured in BRM (August 2014 Edition).

To read Howard's description of building this kit please follow this link to the RM Web Forum entry

To see the full article either purchase a copy of BRM or to view the online version - Click Here

Colour Light Signal Kits

We have started with a basic Single/2 Aspect Colour Light Signal kit, along with one additional option, which can be used either as a Subsidiary Signal on the same post, or as a completely separate Ground Signal.

Additional kits will shortly be added to the range resulting in double, triple and Quad aspect signals being available.

In addition to the Subsidiary/Ground signal other options will also be added to give a selection of Feathered Direction Indicators and a Route Indicator Box.

The standard 2 Aspect Signal was recently built and then featured in the August edition of British Railway Modelling magazine. 

PDF drawings/instructions are available for each kit. The links are shown once you click to view each of the products.


We are introducing a number of etches from this range. These products are easy to make up into the finished article. Illustrated drawings/Instructions have been added to give a better view of what is involved.

This range will be expanded to cover 4mm products and additional 7mm items. There will also be a range of useful little jigs/tools that will assist in things like setting sleeper spacing and platform height/distance etc.  


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