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Tortoise - Point Motors & Assessories


Tortoise 'Slow Action' Point Motors 

C&L are UK distributors for the Tortoise range of 'slow action' point motors and accessories.

We offer individual motors or ‘Value packs’ containing 3, 6 or 12 motors.

Official Accessories

The 'Remote Mounts' allow the motor to be either turned through 90 degrees to save space (height) under the baseboard, or in conjunction with the 'Cable & Actuator’ set, to operate one or two separate points from the one point motor. Likewise mounts and actuators are available for signal operation.

We also supply a useful Positioning Mount. This is made from hard plastic and is used to mark the positions of the fixing screws. It is a vast improvement on the paper version that is included in each kit, especially if you have a number of motors to fit.

Further items are available to allow for remote working of turnouts and signals via special mounts and wire in tube add ons.

Exactoscale Tortoise 'Adapter Plates'

These are brilliant value at £10 for 5, and allow Tortoise point motors to be positioned up to approx. 6" away from where they would normal be. This is useful should you have any kind of obstructions preventing their positioning exactly where you would prefer. The basic idea is that you bolt the motor to the adapter plate and then use the movabloe plastic bar to transfer the movement of the motor to the opposite end of the bar, which is then connected to the turnout. Ideal for occasions where a baseboard strut or the end of the baseboard is located directly under a turnout that you want to motorise. See the following link for a full explanation and diagram. Tortoise 'Adaper Plate' Instructions

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