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Deluxe - 'Track Magic' - track cleaning liquid
Deluxe Materials Track Magic is a special liquid cleaning fluid for model rail & car metal track..
Ex Tax: £6.54
Deluxe - 'Track Magic' - track cleaning accessory pack
Specially developed kit of 3 swabs with handles and 1 x spare sponge for easy application of 'Track ..
Ex Tax: £3.75
Deluxe -  Super 'Phatic' for close fitting/pre-assembled joints (wood, foam & plastic). Fast setting & very strong. Waterproof (when set)
High penetrating yellow aliphatic glue for close fitting pre-assembled joints. Drys fast and bonds w..
Ex Tax: £4.38
Deluxe -  Plastic Magic NEW FORMULA
Bonds plastics other glues cannot! Plastic Magic is a liquid solvent glue that produces invisible g..
Ex Tax: £4.38
Deluxe -  Scatter Grip (dries tacky - allows working time for bonding scatter & scenic materials)
  Special adhesive which dries tacky allowing for plenty of working time for bonding scatter m..
Ex Tax: £4.67
Deluxe -  Roket Cyano - HOT (20g) - Super thin, penetrating adhesive - sets in 1-5 seconds
Roket Cyano - HOT (20g) Super thin, penetrating adhesive - sets in 1-5 seconds ..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Deluxe -  Roket Cyano - RAPID (20g) - Medium fast setting adhesive - Sets in 10-20 seconds
Roket Cyano - RAPID (20g) Medium viscosity, fast setting adhesive Sets in 5 to 10 seconds &nb..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Deluxe -  Roket Cyano - MAX (20g) - Maximum gap filling in 10-20 seconds
Roket Cyano - MAX (20g) Thick, maximum gap filling adhesive that sets in 10-20 seconds.   ..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Deluxe -  Roket Cyano - Odourless (20g) - For 'clear' Plastics & Foam - Sets 10-20 seconds
Roket Cyano - Odourless (20g) Foam safe Non fogging crystal clear low oudour grade Set 10-..
Ex Tax: £6.04
Deluxe -  Glue Buster (28g) Debonder & dissolver of superglue (releases fingers as well!)
Deluxe -  Glue Buster (28g) Debonder & dissolver of superglue. Releases bonded skin! Rem..
Ex Tax: £4.54
Deluxe -  Glue for Glaze (20ml) For clear windows & canopies. Dries crystal clear. Ideal for miniature windows.
Glue for Glaze (20ml) For clear windowns & Cnopies.  A liquid plastic film forming polyme..
Ex Tax: £4.71
Deluxe - Roket Glue for Card (50ml)
Glue for Card For fast assembly of card models. Also bonds Balsa wood, paper card to most plastics...
Ex Tax: £4.50
Deluxe -  Roket Plastic Glue
Roket Plastic Glue With fine point applicator Roket Plastic Glue is a safe, non-toxic, alternative..
Ex Tax: £4.79
Deluxe -  Ballast Magic (125ml)
Ballast Magic (125ml) Deluxe Materials Ballast Magic AD74 (125ml) Innovative Powder Adhes..
Ex Tax: £7.46
Deluxe -  Ballast Bond (100ml)
Ballast Bond (100ml) For an article on how to use Ballast Bond - CLICK HERE For easy bon..
Ex Tax: £4.13
Deluxe -  Ballast Magic Kit
Ballast Magic Kit Boxed kit containing Ballast Magic (125ml), Ballast fine misting spray bottle, an..
Ex Tax: £10.79
Deluxe - 'Scenic Rust' - 3 part kit to create a realistic rust finish
Create realistic scale like rust effects within hours on all paintable surfaces - wood, plastic..
Ex Tax: £13.29

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