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'Alpha' range & Power Supplies

LINK TO: Advice Sheets explaining the Alpha range


The Cobalt Alpha Central Control Panel

The ultimate in simple-to-install control panels. Take it out of the box, plug it into your command bus with the cable supplied and your installation is finished…. literally!

It is usable with DCC… and even DC modellers can adopt it if they use an accessory bus for their accessories (needs the Alpha Box and Accessory decoders on turnouts etc. of course)

Setting up Output addresses takes only a moment or two, and adding some lovely fine detail such as etched numbering for your digital accessories is a relaxed and very satisfying process….

The result is a sophisticated and unbelievably easy to use control panel.

Multiple “Alpha Central” units can be connected together to control the largest station or yard, and you can even move them from place to place… they connect anywhere that you have access to the command bus!

The Cobalt Alpha Box

α Alpha-Box is a five-amp semi-intelligent DCC~Digital control booster interface that will allow DC or AC based layouts to take advantage of digital control with no need to convert all other operations to DCC.

α-Box is also the perfect way for those with basic DCC systems to add to their accessory control ability without changing their DCC system.

Designed to work perfectly with Cobalt α Alpha, the α-Box can also be used as a 5 amp booster for NCE Power Cab and other DCC systems.

Presented in a sophisticated aluminium case, the α-Box is a high quality addition to your DCC system. A 5 amp 12~18v regulated DC power supply is needed.


Cobalt Alpha


Cobalt Alpha Main Unit

DCCconcepts Cobalt α Alpha is a digital encoder that turns any form of standard switch into a digital control device, making it possible to create complex control panels with simple wiring... in fact you will need only one pair of wires between your panel and the layout!

DCCconcepts Cobalt α Alpha is equally usable by all modellers in all of the common scales, whether you drive the trains with AC, DC or DCC power.

What is needed? As bought, Cobalt Alpha is directly connectable to the command bus of all NCE DCC systems with a standard RJ12 cable.

Add the Cobalt “Alpha box” and AC and DC modellers can immediately take advantage of Cobalt α Alpha to reduce their control panel complexity. (DCC brands with sniffer ports can use the Alpha box too if they wish).

Add a Lenz, MRC ~ Gaugemaster, Digitrax or other adapter and Cobalt α Alpha will now connect directly to your existing DCC command bus.

Multiple Alpha units can be connected in series… or in parallel. Cobalt Alpha allows up to 2044accessry numbers to be used, and can even set them all at once if you wish.

Want to learn more? Cobalt Alpha Owners Manual


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