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Nickel Silver Rail

The Nickel Silver rail is our 'HiNi' brand. Unique to C&L, it has a Nickel content of around 18% rather than the general 12% from other manufacturers. This makes it highly corrosion resistant with the added benefit that it tends to look more like the colour of steel rail, rather than the ''yellow' effect of normal nickel silver rail.


UK Customers - we no longer offer the option of having rail or track cut in half. The savings achieved by being able to send to the customer with Royal Mail rather than with a Courier used to be considerable. However the difference in price is no longer as significant following two prices increases imposed upon us by Royal Mail during the last 12 months. It is very time consuming for our staff who are often struggling to get orders out each day by the deadlines imposed by Royal Mail and our Couriers, and this just adds to that pressure meaning that in some case other orders are delayed as a result. In the circumstances we have therefore decided to withdraw this service.

Outside of the UK - we are prepared to still off this service to customers outside of the UK as the savings can still be considerable when sent by the postal service rather than a courier. We no longer list cut rail or track as separate products. If you are ordering from outside of the UK and require these items to be cut in half, please ask for this service in the 'Comments Box' situated on the 'Checkout Page'.

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