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DCC Concepts - Advice Sheets

DCC Concepts provide a huge range of manuals and general advice on how to get the best from the products in their range.

As Stockists of their range we are able to offer links to these documents which we hope will enable customers to see the possibilities that they offer. They also give a good understanding on how the products are used to get the best possible experience by making the most of the extensive features that they offer.

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ADVICE SHEETS - DCC Concepts products and more


Evolution of the Cobalt Range - Detailed Comparisons

Controlling Motor Pointwork using Cobalt-S Levers

Controlling Motor Pointwork using Cobalt-S Levers (in a Table)

Adding LED's to Cobalt Motors

Instruction Manual - DCC Accessory Decoders for Cobalt

Instruction Manual - DCC Accessory Decoders for Cobalt (displayed in a Table)

Offset Mounting a Cobalt Point Motor

Frog Wiring for an AD-2Sfx and AD-8Sfx Accessory Decoders


Making Peco better






DCC Advice 1:

An introduction to DCC 

DCC Advice 2:

Demystifying DCC - A simple explanation


DCC Advice 3:

Ten reasons to switch to DCC

DCC Advice 4:

Ten steps to a great DCC decision


DCC Advice 5:

A few thoughts on choosing your DCC system

DCC Advice 6:

The DCC Concets opinion on DCC brands


DCC Advice 7:


DCC Advice 8:

DCC power & layout wiring (Part 1)


DCC Advice 9:

DCC power & layout wiring (Part 2)

DCC Advice 10:

DCC power & layout wiring (Part 3)


DCC Advice 11:

Wiring pointwork and special wiring conditions for both DC and DCC



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