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Thick Flexitrack

The new thick version enables this flexi to be matched to other makes without the need for packing, as currently required with the C&L thin flexi.

There is also a change in design to the plastic trackbase requiring a different approach to track laying.    New Thick FlexiTrack

To overcome the difficulty often experienced with trying to lay normal track in a straight line, our new track comes perfectly straight to start with! This means there is no need for a straight edge to be used to ensure absolutely straight track!

In fact to make it into flexi track that can be curved, it is necessary to cut through a number of the small webs connecting the sleepers. The severity (radius) of any curve required is related to how many of the webs need to be cut. The more webs cut the sharper the curve that can be made. This avoids the issue apparent with normal flexi where it is actually more flexible than it needs to be, meaning that when being laid on a curve it won’t stay in the curved position that is required. With our new flexi you simply cut sufficient webs to allow the track to curve to the radius required and it then stays there!    

The rail used is our own brand of Nickel Silver called ‘HiNi’. It is specially made for us with a higher percentage of Nickel so that it looks more like the colour of steel rail, meaning that it is no longer necessary to paint it to cover over the yellow tint so apparent in ordinary nickel silver rail. The increase in nickel makes our rail highly corrosion resistant and we think it looks far more realistic as well!

We are hoping to have this new flexi available in time to bring to the Warley Show at the NEC on 28-29th November.     

Please order online in advance to save on carriage costs anytime after 3rd November.       

























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