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What can C&L offer the railway modeller?

C&L - The Track Specialists

But so much more as well

C&L are 'specialists' in model railway trackwork. We sell our own version of flexi-track in 4mm and 7mm that differs from other makes in that it looks just like the prototype. The reason for it looking so realistic is that it is a proportionally scaled down version of the real thing. For example the sleepers are spaced accurately and are of the correct scale length. If you are new to the C&L range we have a page called 'Explaining our Range' which is under the top Menu heading of 'Knowledge Centre'. Follow the link below to see a photo comparison of our track alongside another make, and to learn of the variety of options available in terms of using our track products for your railway

We offer a range of 'Easy Build' turnout kits that are simply glued together. They consist of all the parts needed, along with a paper template and track gauges to enable a complete novice to make their first piece of 'hand built' track. No copperclad or soldering involved (apart from attaching a feed wire) and best of all, no filing of the rails! The most difficult components, the common crossing (or frog) and the switch blades come ready made and can be used straight from the packet. The Turnout Kits match with the C&L flexi track and provide the modeller with other options such as Slips (single and double), Diamonds and 3 Ways versions. Normal turnouts can be built on a curve to suit the location if that is required. Kits are available in 4mm (OO, EM, P4) and 7mm (F7 and S7). We also stock the Fintrax range of N gauge 'build your own' track and turnouts. For the more experienced track maker, we are the makers of Exactoscale track components and P4 turnout kits that include a greater range of specialist chairs for that top quality modelling product. The Exactoscale range also include rolling stock components for chassis, wheels & couplings.

We are the owners of the Carrs product range which includes solders, fluxes, baseboard fittings and coverings, as well as scenic items and a range of copperclad.

We are gradually building our range of other products. We are stockist for Peco products, including WillsRatio and Metcalfe ranges. We are a UK distributor for Tortoise slow action point motors. We also stock Antex soldering products as well as a wide range of Gaugemaster controllers and modelling products. Other makes on offer are Dapol (plastic kits and working signals), Knightwing (plastic kits), Scenix (ready to use buildings), PH Designs (etched 7mm kits including colour light signals), Delux Materials (adhesives) and more recently Green Scene (scenic products).

Finally we offer the 'Right Track' range of DVDs, a well as a wide selection of modelling Tools, Books, Roger Smith transfers as well as a bespoke track building service.


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