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NEW Products recently added to our range

Please note that there are more products to add to this list over the next few weeks, so please visit regularly to keep informed of our latest additions.

Updated 6th Mar 2016

Cobalt - Alpha

A Control Panel (for DCC or DC) with just two wires. Not possible? Well now it is! 

Follow the links below to either visit the page displaying the new Alpha products from DCC Concepts, or the Advice Sheets which should answer any questions.

A note from the DCC Concept website:

Most modellers simply find wiring a chore, DC modellers need far too many wires anyway… and while many DCC modellers (most in fact) want the refined control of DCC for trains, they also almost always want or need to retain simple control of points and track-work, because driving trains is easy, but doing accessory control via the handset is to be honest, a clumsy and frustrating process.

Here is the answer!

Alpha products & Power suplies

Advice Sheets explaining the range

Cobalt - full range of products

Updated 27th Feb 2016

Bachmann - Scenecraft series

Both the buildings and figures in this range are 'ready to use'. No kits to make or painting to be done - just open the box and place straight onto your layout!

Bachmann - Structures

Bachmann - Figures

Updated 25th Jan 2016


GMC-PM50 - Connection Boxes (3) For joining ends of wire together - snap off into individual connectors if required. No soldering and helps to keep your wiring looking tidy!

GMC-51 - Triple Wire for Point Motors - 10m

GM09RB - Twin Wire (Red/Black) - 10m


SS65 - Gents Toilet (without a roof)


Updated 15th Jan 2016

NEW FROM WILLS    Cheaper than Hattons!


The industrial unit building is just about as common a structure as you will find all around the world! And their appearance alongside the railway means that they will always look right as part of the railway modellers' layout. This exciting new modular system from WILLS lets the modeller add-on or adapt the base kit with extensions and frontages to accurately recreate a 21st century scene - bringing greater realism to any modern layout!
With a number of "blind" cuts inside the walls of the kit the modeller selects where to place the doors, windows and shutters. Optional extra accessories give further variations including loading bays, a glazed supermarket frontage and an out-of-town retail unit frontage, all typical of the type of structure now seen alongside the modern railway. 

         Left: the blind cuts inside the walls         Right: base built as a stand-alone building
The base kit can be constructed as a low relief, or stand-alone building, as illustrated above. The real limitation is the modellers' imagination, and a combination of these kits can create such structures as loco maintenance depots, bus stations, warehouses, distribution centres...the list goes on!

Footprint: Low Relief 336 x 84mm. Stand-alone 168 x 168mm
Extra depth can be given to the base kit with the use of the Extension kit (SSM315), either in low-relief or stand-alone format, creating a larger, deeper building if required.

                      SSM310 Supermarket frontage                             SSM311 Out-of-town store frontage
        SSM312 Loading Bays                             SSM313 Roller Shutter Doors  
                                                                         SSM314 Windows & Doors

The supermarket frontage kit represents the familiar glazed entrance found on so many of these structures, and includes a ATM/cash machine which can be fitted into an aperture cut into the wall. The out-of-town store front will be recognised by everyone, the ubiquitous structure being found in many retail parks. 
All these kits are now in stock, supplied in singles. 
Click here for the Wills Page

Updated 7th December 2015


Ready to use Turnouts

Only in 'OO' as a B6 at present (see Blog dated 7 Dec. for the reasons). More to be added to range shortly (including EM, P4 and O gauge)


Beautifully hand built turnout with both C&L and Exactoscale 'special chairs' for added effect and effective stretcher bar for connection to point motor. Hand crafted by professional track builder. Cost is as for a C&L kit plus £60 for providing it ready to use straight from the packet. Just connect the feed wires tabs and operating system. How many hours work would you save by spending £60 on having it made for you! - LINK

DCC Concepts

Range of beautiful station lamps (steam era) both lamp standard and wall mounted. From £29.50 - Go to Category 'DCC Concepts / Lamps & Lighting / Steam Era on left of page




Updated 12th October 2015

DCC Concepts

Etched Sleepers & Timbers for soldered trackwork. Packs for plain track, A5, B6-B8, Slips & Diamonds Our Price £9.80 - LINK


Roller & 3 Way Gauges (with handles) for OOSF for Bullhead and Flat Bottom Rail Our Price from £18.50 - LINK


Updated 5th October 2015

DCC Concepts

Track & Back to Back Gauges (with handles) for OO, EM & P4 (including for code 100 rail) Our Price from £13.00 - LINK

Coach Wheelsets for OO & EM (3 x wheel sizes) - 12 pairs of wheels Our Price £29.50 - LINK

Mini PCB Strips for easy installation of Chips etc in Locos - (12) Our Price £14.95 - LINK

Handy 'Record Cards' to record individual Locomotive CV settings Our Price £5.90 - LINK

Buffer Stops - rail built (with lamps) OO or EM/P4 Our Price £22.50 - LINK

Mini light control PCB for LED's (10) Control any LED's using this easy to use & economical system  Our Price £11.25 - LINK

Updated 4th September 2015


7TRSPB - 3rd Rail Protection Boards & Supports Our Price £11.90 - LINK

7TRJ 3rd Rail Jig for positioning of Protection Boards Supports and Chairs Our Price £5.00 - LINK


PECO IL-715 - Concrete Sleepers for use with code 143 flat bottom rail Our Price £8.95 - LINK

PECO ST-700/725 O Gauge Setrack - Straights & Curves (single lengths or box of 8) Our Price - from £5.40 and £39.95 - LINK

Updated 18th August 2015

DCC Concepts 

DCP-CMFP - Cobalt Point Motors - Double sided Foam Pads (for silent operation)  Hattens price £15.95 Our Price £14.90 - LINK

DCP-CML - Cobalt Point Motors - Ballast Label Pack (covers hole in baseboard used by actuator wire)  Our Price £9.90 - LINK

DCW-12PCB - Loco installation PCB (to keep loco wiring neat & tidy)  Our Price £14.95 - LINK

DC-RARD - Locomotive Record Cards (record individual loco CV settings) Our Price £5.90 - LINK

KADEE Couplings (O Gauge) 

KAD800 - Kadee - medium centreset couplers - plastic (colour - Rust)  Our Price £3.50 - LINK

KAD804 - Kadee - medium centreset couplers - plastic (colour - Black)  Our Price £3.10 - LINK

KAD805 - Kadee - medium centreset couplers - metal (colour - Black)  Our Price £3.10 - LINK

KAD811 - Kadee - Between the rails uncoupler (delayed action)  Our Price £3.80 - LINK

KAD812 - Kadee - Height setting Gauge & multi purpose tool (sets coupler heights but also wheels set & track gauge)  Our Price £14.80 - LINK


Range of 'Poster Board and 'BR Station Signs' (various Regions)  Our Prices: Poster Board = £1.90, Station Signs £2.90 - LINK

Previous Update

C&L (4mm)

4FGOO-SFFlangeway Gauges (2 x shims - 1mm thick) for accurate placing of wing rails and vees Our Price £5.95 - LINK


PSC-63051 - Farmhouse Kit (pre-painted MDF laser cut kit) RRP £55 Our Price £32LINK

PSC-63052 - Pig Sty and Chicken Coop (pre-painted MDF laser cut kit) RRP £19 Our Price £10 - LINK


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