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Products - Availability

Product Availability - latest news    Updated 4th October


Items now back in stock

Crossing Nose Chairs (7mm) - Brass and Whitemetal versions

F7 Track Gauges - F7 

F7 Stretcher Bars - Ambis version


Updated 28th September


Items now back in stock

Tortoise Point Motors - singles, plus 'value packs' of three's, sixes and twelves

7mm Point Rodding - except 2 & 3 rod stools which have already sold out again (re-ordered 25/9/25)

Plywood Sleeering and Timbering - 4mm & 7mm - most now availalbe

Peco Code 75 pointwork

Updated 11th September

Copperclad - Now in stock = 4ZC101D (3.3 x 1.6mm) and 4ZC101E (3.3 x 1.0mm)


Updated 18th August


Copperclad - Still waiting for our delivery of 4ZC101D (3.3 x 1.6mm) and 4ZC101E (3.3 x 1.0mm)

Plywood Sleepers & Timbers - All out of stock items are due for delivery today (Tuesday 18th). There will be a delay due to staff holidays in the packing and labelling of such a huge order but it will be available as soonas possible 

New Products

(from now one please refer to our New Products page)  CLICK HERE

DCC Concepts, Dapol and Books

We are continually looking at adding new products in order to give a wider range of choice to customers. The newest range comes from DCC Concepts. There will be a large number of products to add as we take delivery of new stock of this ever expanding and popular range. Please see the Categories under the main heading of 'Make - DCC Concepts' to see what is currently available. We are gradually adding additional information on each of these products and will also be making available a huge range of documentation in the form of Instructions and Advice relating to these products. However it is taking a lot of time to add so much so please bear with us and keep coming back to see more.

We have also been appointed stockists for Dapol. Whilst our range of their products is quite limited at present, we always aim to give very competitive prices and therefore if you know of a product of theirs that you are interested in, then please ask for a quote. We can obtain any item from their range (including Loco's, Carriages and Wagons that we would not normally consider stocking) but can obtain with about a week before delivery. We are not able to purchase as much as we would like due to a lack of room in our warehouse! 

Books - 5 new books have been added to our range. To see them follow this link Book Page  and then scroll down the page.

They include:

  • Digital Command & Control,
  • Operating Signals, Points & Level Crossings
  • Building Bridges & Viaducts
  • Designing & Building Fiddle Yards
  • Railway Modelling Skills

Current Products

Copperclad - Now back in stock with the exception of 4ZC101D (3.3 x 1.6mm)  which was ordered today 

244 degree Solder (C1005) - Finally back in stock

Plywood Sleepers & Timbers - The timbers in 4mm and 7mm should be with us on Tuesday next week so will hope to send out any outstanding orders on Wednesday 29th. The sleepers in both 4mm and 7mm should have been made by the end of next week and so we hope to have them in stock by 4th August. 

Alignment Dowels - now back in stock


Products - 17/6/15


CoppercladWe had a message to say that the supplier was hoping to send them out to us today or tomorrow. We wait with baited breath! 

244 degree Solder (C1005) We are due a delivery on Friday.

Plywood Sleepers & Timbers - These have been ordered and usually take about 4 weeks

Roger Smith Transfers - These have arrived and the site updated with our new stock levels. We will be adding the 2mm range shortly along with a number of new products in 4mm that we will now be able to stock. 

Products - 25/5/15

Copperclad - We have finally found a supplier! Although the costs will have to increase considerably (but not as much as first feared), they confirm that they can supply exactly what we need. We should therefore be able to maintain the full range of sizes. We will be ordering tomorrow and as yet have not got an expected delivery date. The supplier has assured us that they can cut the edges to the smooth and accurate finish that we have had previously.

Tortoise Motors - Now back in stock. Available as single motors, or in value packs of 3, 6 or 12 for price savings.

Alignment Dowels - These have run out today. They are already on order and are expected in about 2 weeks

OO-SF Gauges - We are out of stock of the 3 point gauge and very low on the track and check gauge. All are on order and expected within two weeks

OO Exactoscale Fastrack - Our order arrived on Thursday but the 4,000 shots have been made in the wrong colour. We always have the wooden sleepered version in a dark grey colour but for some reason the supplier made them in the colour of the Exactoscale chairs (a cross between orange and brown). A new batch is being made and should be available next week. We are trying to decide what to do with the initial batch!


New Products - 13/5/15

Green Scene

Ballast Spreaders  

Simply fill with ballast, drag along your track for the perfect infill of ballast (including the shoulder). Available in OO (code 75 and code 100 rail), EM, P4, S and O gauges)   CLICK HERE

Scenic Range

Just about their complete range of: 

  • Scenic Scatter (huge range in 'fine' or 'course' grades
  • Ballast (2mm/4mm/7mm) 
  • Barbed & Hawser Wire 
  • Scenic Mats (7" x 14")
  • Weathering Powders
  • Forrest in a Box
  • Flexi Bark (tub)
  • Water (gell) 
  • Boulders   

CLICK HERE    NOTE re this Link - this listing shows most products, however once on this page, take a look at the category listing and under 'Green Scene' you will see nine sub categories to choose from

Awaiting Delivery - updated information re likely date where available (updated 13/5/15)

Copperclad - The received samples were wrong - we have sent examples of our products to the manufacturer to see if they are able to make it how we want it. 

Circuitron - Tortoise Point Motors - on order - estimated delivery date of around 25th May

DVD's - Right Track Series - we have bought up most of the stock that was left when Activity Media closed down. Unfortunately the DVD's that have not been available were not included as the previous owners had not re-stocked them. We will update the number of each that are now available later today once we have unpacked them all. Once these have sold out they will no longer be available except for the title 'Laying Terrific Trackwork', as we have the authority to continue to produce this DVD. 

7mm Point Roding - on order

OO-SF Track Gauges - on order

New Products - 11/4/15


Scenic Mats (Gravel, Spring, Summer & Autumn Grass) added   CLICK HERE  

Track related products - Buffer Stops (with lights if required), Ballasted Underlay, Track Rubbers, Ballast & Track Fixing Pins  CLICK HERE 


Roket & Other Glues A wide range of adhesives for all aspects of modelling including plastic, wood, windows etc with various setting times to suit a range of applications

Recently Arrived and Re-stocked

OO-SF 3 Point Gauges  CLICK HERE

C&L Track Rubbers (4mm & 7m)  CLICK HERE


We sold out of the following at the York Show but will have more in stock from 15th April:

Signal Box Interior Kit (4mm) (PECO LK-553) CLICK HERE

Station Platform Lamps Linesaide Kit (7mm) (PECO LK-759)

Telephone Box Linesaide Kit (7mm) (PECO LK-760) CLICK HERE

Awaiting Delivery - updated information re likely date where available (updated 10/4/15)

Copperclad - still waiting for samples to be delivered to check on standard of manufacture before placing large order to a new supplier. 

Circuitron - Tortoise Point Motors - on order but no info re delivery timescale

DVD's - Right Track Series - we have not been able to agree a deal and so long term we are unlikely to be able to offer any of the DVD's other than the ones that we already have in stock. 

New Products - 16/3/15

N Gauge - Ratio

Ratio - N kits added   CLICK HERE  

OO Gauge - Peco

Peco - OO Setrack - Value 'Packs' of straights and curves added  CLICK HERE  


Tortoise operating wire - standard and extended lengths (for deeper baseboards) in stronger wire (suitable for OO and especialy O gauge turnouts) 

Point Rodding - brass wire for 4mm and 7mm  CLICK HERE for both 


Recently Arrived and Re-stocked

OO-SF Track Gauges and Check Gauges (still waiting for 3 point gauges - due any day) CLICK HERE

4mm Switchblades in Nickel Silver

Rail parts for Exactoscale P4 nickel Silver Turnout Kits (switch assemblies, common crossings etc) Kits now available in nickel silver from 1:4 to 1:8 CLICK HERE

7mm Signal Kits - 2 and 3 Aspect (from PH Design) CLICK HERE

Awaiting Delivery - updated information re likely date where available (updated 20/2/15)

OO-SF 3 Point Gauges - hopefully any day now

DVD's - Right Track Series - we are in detailed negotiations regarding the future supply. What out for an update coimng soon.



New Products - 20/2/15

N Gauge - Peco

Peco - N Setrack - full range of straights, curves and points now stocked  CLICK HERE  

OO Gauge - Peco

Inlay (foam ballast) - for both Setrack and Streamline (codes 75 & 100) CLICK HERE FOR 'SETRACk'    or CLICK HERE FOR 'STREAMLINE'  


Recently Arrived and Re-stocked

C1017 - 138 Solder Cream

C1080 Large Foam sheets (1.5m x 1m x 3mm)

4mm Switchblades

Awaiting Delivery - updated information re likely date where available (updated 20/2/15)

7mm Signal Kits - 1 week (delayed due to a problem with the order not having been received by supplier)

OO-SF Gauges - 1 week - hopefully any day now

4mm & 7mm plywood sleepers & timbers -  26th Feb

7mm tracksetta's -  around time of Kettering Show (7th March)

E4CW 801A - P4 Exactoscale Back to Back - we will be meeting with a possible supplier next week, with the aim of being able to re-stock these gauges at an affordable price. So far all the quotes re have received have been for silling money with the added problem of the supplier requiring a very high minimum order level. This means that up until now it has not been financially worthwhile investing the money into this product, when the numbers likely to be sold are so small. Look out of an update in a future Blog.


We are looking in the possibility of producing the Activity Media 'Right Track' range of DVD's ourselves, in order to keep the range available. Watch out for updates in the Blog over the coming weeks. Hopefully this will mean that we will be able to make available the whole of the range. However some serious talking needs to take place before any production takes place, as there are many issues to discuss and the all important price would have to be agreeable to both parties.

Regarding DVD 10 - Track Laying by Norman Solomon - we are having a batch specially made, but this will take approximately 2 weeks.


New Products - 11/2/15

N Gauge - Peco

PECO SL-347  Dummy Point Motor

(Coming next week - N Setrack range)


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