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Comments on OO- SF courtesy of Martin Wynne (from Templot)

Comments on OO- SF courtesy of Martin Wynne (from Templot)


16.2mm gauge. 1.0mm flangeways

This alternative to DOGA Fine uses a reduced track gauge to avoid the need for wheels to be modified.

Reports suggest that virtually all modern RTR also runs well on 00-SF exactly as supplied. This will certainly be the case if the wheels comply with the NMRA H0 standard. Most RTR manufacturers' published dimensions correspond to this. However you are relying on their quality-control and you may find an odd wheelset which needs adjustment, or to be returned for replacement.

For 00-SF, wheels need a back-to-back dimension of at least 14.3mm to be sure of running well. And a BEF dimension not greater than 15.2mm. With an effective flange thickness of 0.7mm that means a maximum back-to-back of 14.5mm. The NMRA standard is 14.4mm.

The NMRA RP25/110 flange thickness is 0.8mm max which easily clears a 1.0mm flangeway, as for DOGA Fine. Romford/Markits and Alan Gibson wheels have thinner flanges, corresponding to RP25/100 and RP25/90.

The reduced 16.2mm track gauge may or may not be an issue. For very sharp curves you may need gauge-widening up to 16.5mm, so flexi-track can be used normally. For gentler curves and straight plain track you can either use flexi-track, with an adjustment where it joins pointwork (hardly noticeable except by those who are determined to notice it!:)).

Or you can handbuild 16.2mm plain track. This is the best option for a small fine-scale layout because you can correctly model the 60ft (or other) rail lengths and closed-up timbering at the rail joints. It's a lot of work on a very large layout of course.

However, because you are not changing the wheels, the layout remains fully interchangeable with 00-BF and Peco, and you can mix the different standards on the same layout. Handbuilt 00-SF at the front, 16.5mm flexi round the ends, Peco turnouts or existing 00-BF turnouts in the fiddle yard at the back.

And if you already have a layout in 00-BF or Peco, you can convert it to 00-SF one turnout at a time.

Apart from improved running, a big advantage of both DOGA Fine and 00-SF is the much improved appearance of the track with narrower 1.0mm flangeways. As can be seen in the diagrams - Follow this LINK

Use 00-SF if you want the best appearance and smoothest running, but are prepared to check wheels and possibly replace any rogue wheelsets if you are unlucky. Gauges for 00-SF are available via the 00-SF group thanks to the valuable efforts of members. (The check gauge tool for 00-SF is interchangeable with the check gauge for 00-BF.)

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