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Changes to Overseas (non UK) Shipping Services & Options

Changes to Overseas (non UK) Shipping Services & Options

If possible use Royal Mail (Airmail) as your choosen 'shipping' option.

It will almost certainly be the cheapest option.

However you can't use Airmail for two types of products (see list below)





You may be aware that our UK courier City Link ceased trading on Christmas Day, throwing over 2,000 staff out of work.

As a result we have had to make significant changes to how we send out our UK deliveries, and also more minor changes to our overseas customers.

Please note that we previously used Royal Mail because they were the cheapest at taking our two most troublesome items i.e. Chemicals and parcels longer than 60cm. Royal Mail stopped accepting both of these categories around a year ago and since then we have used the following system.

DHL (or cheapest) - any order containing any chemicals

DHL (or cheapest) - any order with a length of 61cm or more e.g. all track boxes with flexitrack or rail

Royal Mail (Airmail) - everything else (i.e. no chemicals and only up to 60cm long) but only up to a max of 2kg

Unfortunately to add to our troubles, we were notified that our rates for Royal Mail deliveries has gone up (as of the start of the New Year), by more than inflation (so much for privatisation!).

Please note the following:

Heavy Parcels - Royal Mail are the cheapest (provided there are no chemicals or excessive length items) but they will only allow us to export parcels up to a weight of 2kg. Above that we have to use a courier or split the order into separate parcels not exceeding 2kg each. Where orders weigh more than 2kg we spend time trying both options and obtaining comparable overall prices for both just one courier parcel versus however many Royal Mail parcels are needed at up to 2kg each.

Large Letters - some good news! Even though Royal Mail has put up their prices we have decided to review our weight bands and charges to overseas customers in an effort to hold down prices for really small items. We will explain the minimum charge here shortly once this review is finalised. Unfortunately there is a limit on how low we can go as the minimum price can only cover really small items that are thin and able to pass the minimum thickness Large Letter test device, bearing in mind that most such items need to have a padded envelope surrounding them item for protection.

If it is possible to send your order to outside of the UK using Royal Mail, then 'Royal Mail' or 'Airmail' should appear as an option in the Shipping section of your Basket or Checkout page. If Royal Mail is not showing then it means that something in your order is being classed as 'chemicals' or over 60cm in length. You will then just be given a courier option.

Couriers - We use a cost comparison web site especially set up to quote overseas courier rates for small businesses like ours. In most cases DHL come out as the cheapest but not always.

The Shipping Option for overseas customers who have ordered either chemicals, products over 60cm or items weighing together over 2kg will normally show  'Overseas - C&L to obtain a courier quote' The price will show as £0.00.

How does the system work? - The procedure is that you carry on and complete your order, including paying for it by selecting one of the Payment Options i.e. Credit Card, Pay Pal, Bank Transfer etc. You will only be paying for the actual goods ordered at this time. You should then submit your order from the Checkout Page and wait for C&L to contact you once we have obtained the cheapest courier quote that we can from our Comparison web site. 

We will notify you of the total amount due for shipping (usually by email) and wait for you to reply either giving the go ahead, or cancelling the order if you prefer. If you have paid by credit/debit card, we will then take the additional payment for just the courier costs from the card used to make the purchase. If you paid by Bank Transfer or Pay Pal, you will need to make the additional payment for the courier charge. As soon as we have received the payment by whichever means, we then book the courier to collect your order from us on that or the following day.

Courier Delivery Options

Next Day deliveries - Not applicable to overseas orders

Signed For - 'Signed For' will be used for all overseas orders as it is in both ours and our customers interests to know what has been delivered. There is a small additional charge for this option which we will apply as part of the courier charge.

Tracking - This will be available for overseas couriers but we do not intend passing on the details unless customers specifically ask us to do so. If customers are concerned about a delay, or wish to know its whereabouts, please contact us and we will track the parcel and send them the details to enable them to track it as well. Alternatively in the comments box on the Checkout Page, ask for tracking details to be forwarded to you.

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517