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Using the upgraded C&L web site

Using the upgraded C&L web site

The C&L website now also incorporates Exactoscale

If you are an existing customer who was used to our old site, you should find the layout of the site fairly familiar. The main differences in relation to the placing of orders are:

  • You will be given the option to select the means of delivering your order, for example customers in the UK will be able to use either one of the Royal Mail delivery services or our Courier 'City Link'
  • The costs for each option will be shown to help you decide which is the most appropriate
  • You will also be shown the total amount payable for the complete order, including the carriage costs
  • When you enter your debit or credit card details, you will be connected to a secure site (CardSave). They will actually take your payment there and then, rather than C&L staff being notified and manually taking the payment at our office.

The reasons for changing the software running our website are to allow for the above improvements, which we feel offers a more professional service than the previous site. Also, this software will enable us to develop additional features, which for various technical reasons we were not in a position to offer with the previous site. Over time we will gradually add in these features which will hope will improve your experience and enjoyment. Future features include possibilities such as 'Special Offers' i.e. buy two get one free, through to being able to purchase Gift Vouchers. We have brought across the drawing files and instructions from the old Exactoscale site. Visit the Knowledge Centre to see C&L and Exactoscale product information - CLICK HERE

What else is Different?

Categories - The main change is the organisation of the Categories. The changes will be fairly obvious, allowing customers to look up the scale or gauge that you are interested in, rather than just under 4mm. For example if you model in 'OO' then products that are just suitable for you will be listed together, and those items that are relevant to all 4mm gauges will be shown together. For example, for an 'OO' modeller the common crossings and tie bars will be shown under the 'OO' section, as they are specific to that gauge, but switch blades which can be used for either 'OO'', 'EM' or 'P4' would be listed under '4mm General Items'. Categories are then split with regard to the type of rail that the product is made from. Everything made from Nickel Silver Rail will be listed together and likewise that for Steel. It was felt that as customers normally only have rail and related products in one or the other, it made sense to list the Nickel Silver and Steel products seperately.

Product Display - You can alter the method of display to either show a long List or a more compact Grid of the products available in each category. 

Accounts - Customers will not need to create an account in order to place an order. However, there will be an option to do so and this will enable them to save time by not having to retype in contact details each time they order. Previous orders will also be able to viewed. Two types of accounts are available. 'Web Customers' will be authorised automatically and will be able to place an order immediately after creating their account. 'Traders and Model Shop' owners can apply for a Trade Account, but the application will have to be authorised before they are able to place orders. The other two accounts shown are for the use of Club & Societies who meet certain criteria and for our two Sponsored Profession Builders and are not for general use.

For more information on 'How the Site Works', along with details of Ordering, Payments (security), Delivery and Carriage, plase go to the 'Ordering Info' item on the middle Menu or click on this link

See the Updates Blog page for the latest information concerning this site, our products and our business.

Site Upgrade
We have made a number of improvements. The site has been upgraded with a new more powerful and flexible Template as its base, which will enable us to add more features and pages of interest.

We have started by adding a Knowledge Centre. This will be developed to include a range of PDF files relating to our products (now includes all files from the old Exactoscale site), featuring:

Computer generated Pictures

These should help customers understand what is available and how the products work. This is a fairly large task and will take some time to complete. Other items of interest and modelling advice will be added, and eventually this area will take over from the limited Data Sheets section (which is still available under the Menu heading 'Information').

Some of the pages currently have blank spaces where additional information will be added later. 

To view the Knowledge Centre Page either click on the 3rd Menu Item below the C&L logo at the top of the page or click here and follow this link.

Quick Buy Option
Look out for the Quick Buy box that is now located below the 'Menu Categories' on the lower left side of the page. This will enable customers who already know the product code of the item(s) that they require to order more speedily, without the need to use either the Search Box or Menu Categories locate the items they want. This option only adds one of each of the product codes entered to your Basket - Don't forget to amend the number of each product that you require once you move to the View Basket page. 

PLEASE NOTE - When inputting Exactoscale Product Codes into either the 'Quick Buy' or 'Search' Box, it is necessary to start with the letter 'E' and to put a space between the fourth and fifth characters in the code.

The letter 'E' has been used to distinguish Exactoscale products from C&L ones, as in some case their historic Product Code numbers would otherwise be the same. The space in the Exactoscale code after the fourth character also helps to avoid confusion where codes are the same or similar.

Blog Topics

Blog entries will now only show the first few lines and you can then either click on Read More if that is what you want to do, or easily scroll down to the next block to look at the start of each previous update.

News Announcements
The latest news items will be summarised on the News Ticker Banner across the front page. This will save you having to go to the Blog pages if the items mentioned are not of interest to you. Clicking on the entry will take you to the relevant page concerned (if appropriate).

Photo Slideshow
The photos on the Slideshow on the Home page (when in operation) are now linked to the page displaying that product.

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