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Deluxe Materials



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DLAC10 - ‘Pin Point Bottle Kit’

For precise application of 'glues' or 'fluxes'

DLAC-10.jpgSqueezy bottle & tips for precise application of glues or fluxes. 

Ideal for fixing railway ballast with PVA.

A small dispensing bottle ideal for minute application of water based glues such as PVA, as well as Carr's fluxes.

Useful for those tasks where fine finger controlled application is needed. 

Comes with a variety of 3 plastic and metal tips that are easily cleaned after use with water. 




DLAC11 - ‘Pin Flow’

Solvent Glue Dispenser - for precise application in difficult to reach or intricate parts

DLAC-11.jpgAn applicator specially designed for precise control of liquid solvent plastic adhesives such as Plastic Magic & Butanone

Delivers the right amount of adhesive to bond intricate parts but prevents glue runs, creating an invisible joint.

Give your model or trackwork that professional finish.

Supplied with protective case..






ADHESIVES  (buy these products on this page - CLICK HERE

DLAC24 -  ‘Plastic Magic’


DLAD-24.jpgBonds plastics other glues cannot!

Plastic Magic is a liquid solvent glue that produces invisible glue lines.

The new safer formula can be applied with the Deluxe 'Pin Flow' solvent applicator (DLAD11) or conventionally with a fine paint brush. 

Plastic Magic bonds nearly all commonly used modelling plastics including polyester, acryline, styrene, ABS, PVC, butyrate and polycarbonate.

50ml bottle.






DLAC25 - ‘Scatter Grip’

Dries tacky - allows working time for bonding scatter & scenic materials


Special adhesive which dries ‘tacky’ allowing for plenty of working time for bonding scatter & scenic materials. 

150ml bottle.







DLAC62 - ‘Roket’ Plastic Glue

DLAD-62.jpgA quality alternative to liquid plastic cement

With fine point applicator Roket Plastic Glue is a safe, non-toxic, alternative to liquid plastic cement.

It’s safe, non-flammable formula, has little odour and is water washable.

Furthermore, it’s superfine anti clog tip and delayed 8-10 sec action gives more working time when bonding model kit plastics.

Bonds styrene, polyester, butyrate & ABS.

Bond speed varies with plastic type and temperature.

50ml bottle.

MODELLING ACCESSORIES  (buy these products on this page - CLICK HERE)

DLAC13 - 'Track Magic'

Track cleaning liquid & useful accessories

http://www.finescale.org.uk/image/data/Gaugemaster/DLAC-13.jpgDeluxe Materials Track Magic is a special liquid cleaning fluid for model rail & car metal tracks, electric contacts and wheels. Track Magic works by dissolving, and mobilizing microscopic oily contaminants to leave a clean conducting surface for smooth and steady running.

Track Magic comes with several accessories: a microbrush to clean wheels, power collectors and pointsa pad to apply to rail surfaces and a dispensing pipette and beaker.

Track magic also works by setting up an invisible protecting film which will resists rust, wear, & corrosion thus minimizing further track maintenance.

In summary it

  • Maximizes conductivity & reliability.
  • Works in low power/ confined space situations.
  • Revives & protects old electric contacts & improves new ones.
  • Is safe on plastic, foam, acrylic and enamel paint.
  • Is ideal for both digital and analogue control systems

DLAC18 - 'Track Magic'

Track cleaning liquid & useful accessories


Specially developed kit of 3 swabs with handles and 1 x spare sponge for easy application of 'Track Magic'.

Apply Track Magic with a pipette (you get one pipette in with a Track Magic set (DLAC13) but if more are required see Carr's product C1041.

The swabs are tear resistant with a firm yet flexible handle. The sponge holds fluids for easy application.

Suitable for all gauges. 



SCENIC  (buy this product on this page - CLICK HERE)

DLAC27 - 'Scenic Rust’

3 part kit to create a realistic rust finish

http://www.finescale.org.uk/image/data/Gaugemaster/DLBD-27.jpgCreate realistic scale like rust effects within hours on all paintable surfaces - wood, plastic or metal.


Pack contains:

  • Scenic Binder
  • Rust Powder
  • Rust Developer
  • Mixing cup
  • Pipette
  • Spatula
  • Full instructions.






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