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Wheels - P4 - Driving, Bogie & Tender

Please Note - This article has been lifted from the old Exactoscale site. It is slightly out of date now and will be updated.

New Driving and Bogie/Tender Wheels

Work on our initial range of P4 locomotive wheels is now complete and the wheels will shortly be available from stock. See the Summary Table for information on the wheel dimensions, etc.

Details of the construction and method of assembly of the driving wheels are given in the instructions section (very big file, so be patient!).

For details of the Driving Wheel Assembly Tool click here.

LNER(and GN) Gresley/Thompson/Peppercorn Locos 
(with examples of uses)

Driving Wheels for Outside Cylinder Locos.

Driving Wheels for Inside Cylinder Locos.

Bogie and Tender Wheels

Great Eastern Railway 

Driving Wheels

Tender Wheels

Other Driving Wheels (previous Exactoscale commitments) 

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