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This new Menu heading has been provided to enable the vast amount of product information to be made easily accessible. Over time additional sections will be added including modelling advice and further drawings and instructions etc. Topics such as tracklaying, ballasting, laying cork/foam will be covered to assist the less experienced modeller to get the best out of the products that we sell. Where possible documents will be illustrated with drawings, photos or computer generated pictures.

Here are some to start with:




Explaining the C&L and Exactoscale product range

General Information on Trackwork

Exactoscale Products 
These links take you to pages containing easy to compare Lists of Products, and where available Drawings and computer generated Pictures

4mm Products


Exactoscale - Track (4mm) - Easy to read Full List of Products

Exactoscale - Rolling Stock (4mm) - Part 1

Exactoscale - Rolling Stock (4mm) - Part 2

Exactoscale - Wheels (P4) - Driving, Bogie & Tender

Exactoscale - Wheels (P4) - Locomotive (Introduction)

Exactoscale - Wheels (P4) - Summary of wheel range (technical details/sizes etc)

4mm Instructions


Exactoscale - Instructions (4mm) - covering Track

Exactoscale - Instructions (4mm) - covering Rolling Stock

7mm Products & Instructions



Exactoscale - Track (7mm)  - Easy to read Full List of Products

Exactoscale - Rolling Stock (7mm)


Assembly of sprung wagon chassis --------> Download   INS 1000

Assembly of Brake Gear --------> 

Download Part 1  INS 1001 Pages 1-5

Download Part 2  INS 1001 Pages 6-10

Download Part 3  INS 1001 Pages 11-15

Download Part 4  INS 1001 Pages 15-20

Download Part 5  INS 1001 Pages 21-25

 - 7mm Manual Point Lever Kit      Instructions (drawing) - click this Icon    

C&L Products


 C&L Products - Diagrams - 1) Strenghtening Tie Bars   2) Basebaord End protectors

Carr's Products List

Soldering for Beginners

Soldering Techniques

Antex Range


Soldering Irons, and Accessories 



- to be added

Track Underlay 


- to be added

Metal Blackening 


- to be added


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