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The way that Sub Categories are now laid out is quite different from our old site. It might be worthwhile reading this explanation so that you will be able to find what you need.

Sub Categories are now based around the scale/gauge that you wish to model in, and also on whether rail is made from Nickel Silver or Steel.

There are one or two anomalies which need explaining:

Common Crossings - OO and EM use the same common crossing (frog) but P4 uses a different one. Therefor the headings are called 'OO/EM only' and 'P4 only'

Timber Tracks track bases - EM and P4 share the same track base, but OO is different. Therefore the headings are 'EM/P4 only' and 'OO only'

Switch Blades/Chairs/Timbers etc - these are common across the gauges i.e. all can be used for 4mm in OO, EM and P4. These types of products are therefore referred to as '4mm General' or '7mm General'. 


This site gives you the opportunity to register so that you only need to input your details and delivery address once, saving you time should you place further orders in the future. You are welcome to order without registering, but you will need to re-enter all of your details should you shop with us again. There is no charge to Register and it is fairly quick.

Normal customers will need to register as 'Web Based Customers', and will be able to immediately access their account and place their order. 

Traders and Model Shops will need to register using the heading named as that. There will be a delay whilst their account is authorised and set up. They will then be able to access a part of the site which will give the actual discounted price for each product, rather than the discount being applied to the whole order at the end of the process. If the application is completed during the working hours, a quick phone call to us should enable the necessary authority to be set up.

You will be given the opportunity to choose which level of delivery service you require (assuming that there is more than one available to the Country/Region of the shipping address. Once the selection has been made, the cost will be automatically added to your invoice prior to payment. You will therefore know exactly how much the total order has cost, including the post and packing before you decide to go ahead and make the payment.


When you are ready to place your order, you will need to input your Debit/Credit card details into the 'CardSave' security software. The card details will no longer be sent to us (in two parts) for us to input into our card reader. The payment will be authorised and taken at the time of the order. This greatly improves security as it means that card details are no longer transmitted electronically to us. Other payment option now include Pay Pal as well as Bank Transfer. Selecting Pay Pal takes you directly to your account for immediate payment. Bank Transfer provides you with our banking details and then allows you to continue to the end of the checkout process. It is then up to you to make the necessary payment using those details through your online banking software. 

Show Orders - If you are placing an order for free delivery at a Show, please select the 'Pay at Show' option. 

Traders/Model Shops - If you have a Trade Account with us, please select the 'Trade Account Holder' option. Payment will then be due 30 days from the date on the invoice. 


The search box has been upgraded and now allows customers to search for either a Procuct code or Description, or part of either, without the need to use the ''*' as required in some web sites.

For example entering C1001 will just display that product, whereas entering C100 will show all products that start with these letters and numbers, that is products from C1000 through to C1009.

Likewise 4cc will display all common crossings, whereas 4cc104 will only display items 4cc104a, 4cc104b, 4cc104c and 4cc104d.


Ordering should be straightforward. Clicking on 'Add to Cart' obviously adds the product you have selected to your Shopping Cart. You can review the contents of your Cart in two ways. To quickly look at the contents without leaving your current page, look for the 'Shopping Basket' icon link towards the top right of the page. Click on the basket or on the arrow pointing downwards to the side of it. This will then show the number of items in the cart and the current value of the order. If you have many items it may be necessary to use the slide bar to the right of the list to scroll down the page. In either case you will see two green boxes showing 'View Cart' or 'Checkout'. Click on either if you now want to proceed direct to either page. To return to the current page just move the mouse pointer to somewhere else on the page. To go direct to the Checkout page at anytime, click on the Checkout link on the top line of the page to the right of the Home and My Account links. You can return to the Home page at any point by clicking on the C&L logo in the top left corner of every page..


Unlike our previous site, customers will now be able to choose from a number of carriage options, depending upon where they live. The costs for each will be displayed, based on the weight of the total order.

To begin with the options will be farily limited, as shown below. Further additions will be made once we have confirmed that these are working to our satisfaction.


Royal Mail - First Class (usually next day delivery but not guaranteed)

Please Note - We can no longer use Royal Mail to send items over 600mm in length. This normally only effects sales of rail and track. These products are now listed in 500mm and 1 metre lengths for each product. If you choose the 500mm lengths we will cut the rail/track in half and send via Royal Mail. If you prefer to have the rail/track left at metre lengths, then the cheapest way to send it to you is via a Courier at a cost of £8.95. 

Courier - Since the demise of City Link this has now changed. Please go to the 'Shipping - UK options' page for details - CLICK HERE.

Delivered either next day or within 3 to 4 days depending upon which courier we use. Normally parcels need to be signed for. In many case deliveries are advised by means of an automated Email or Text message (provided we have your your mobile phone number and the courier operates this service) giving a delivery window (normally of two hours) during which the parcel should be delivered.

Show Orders - For free delivery to a show, please tick the option 'Delivery at Show'. Refer to the Exhibition Diary page for details of the show that we will be attending. For details CLICK HERE


Royal Mail (Airmail) - First Class. There is a weight restriction of 2kg and a length restriction of 600mm which can cause us problems. If the weight is over 2kg, we can normally split the order into more than one parcel to overcome this. In the case of track and rail, which are 1 metre in length, we have two options. Either cut them in half so that they are only 500mm and therefore within the restriction OR send via a Courier and leave at 1 metre. We select accordingly when you order but bear in mind that we can only cut a relatively small number of pieces of track, certainly no more than 12. More than this will need to be sent in 1 metre lengths. We can't ship chemicals via Airmail so please select courier option if you have ANY chemicals in you order.

Courier - Please go to the 'Shipping - Overseas (non UK) Options' page for details - CLICK HERE.

Chemicals can be difficult. We can normally find a courier to transport chemicals via road to EU countries. For the rest of the world the only option has been via Surface Mail. We understand that this service has now been suspended and so we are making enquiries with couriers to see what options we have. We will update when more is known (Jan 2015).


VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517