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Stock Availability

Customers are not able to order products that are currently 'Out of Stock'. A message will appear (in pink!) at the top of the page making this clear. Please phone the office for an update on the current situation for the product that you are trying to purchase.

Checkout Process

Guest or Account

You can either complete this stage as a 'Guest' or by creating an 'Online Account'. As a Guest you will find that should you wish to order items in the future, you will need to re-enter your details. If you set up an Online Account, it means you only type your details once. They are then re-sued when you 'log in' at a future time.

Your details

Please make sure that they are accurate, especially you Phone Number, Email Address and Post Code. A mistake in any one of these can cause either a missed delivery or a lot of work for us trying to contact you!


The website works out the total weight of your order and offers one of more shipping options, along with an estimated cost. Select which is the most appropriate. If your address is difficult to find or you have any specific instructions i.e. 'please leave in garden shed if no reply', type these into the 'Comments Box'.


You will be shown three options:

1) Bank Transfer - if you select this you will be taken to the next page where our Bank details will be displayed. Make a note of these and then proceed to 'Confirm' you order by clicking the button at the bottom of the page. Once you have submitted your order you should receive an email containing the Invoice (and our Bank details). Use these to log into your Bank account and make the transfer. 

2) Cheque / Money Order / Cash - This is where it gets slightly confusing! The thrid option should say 'Debit or Credit Card' rather than 'Cash'. 

In the case of the first two, post the Cheque (or Money Order) to the address on our 'Contacts page'. Please include a copy of the invoice that will have been emailed to you.  

If you wish to pay by 'Debit or Credit Card' you need to print off the invoice and then phone the C&L office with your Card details.
This removes any possibility of your security being compromised by anyone, through the website
. When you phone, where possible your details will be entered straight into our card machine with no paper record being kept. Should it be necessary to record the details, once they have been processed via the card machine, they will be destroyed via a shredder. In this way we can provide re-assurance that your details will not be available to any other person.

3) Overseas - payment following courier quote (obtained by C&L) - There is a weight limit of 2kg on what can be sent from the UK using a normal Royal Mail service. This option allows the customer based outside of the UK to place the order without having to worry about the shipping costs. C&L will pack the order and then obtain the best possible cost for a courier. Details of this amount, along with the new total for the Invoice will be emailed for the customer to give authority to proceed. The customer will then need to either pay the total amount via a Bank Transfer (preferable) or phone with card details. Once payment has been received the courier will be booked to collect. Please be aware that this process can take a few days, but it saves having to take two payments (one for the goods and a later one for the courier).


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