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Payment for Orders
PLEASE BE AWARE - Shopping Cart
If you leave this website with items still showing in your Shopping Cart, having not proceeded through to the 'Checkout Page' - the items will still be there the next time that you log in.
Some customers have not realised this, and subsequently ordered items that they no longer wanted, as well as the new items that they did want!
To quickly check if your Shopping Cart has items in it, please look at the icon that looks like a shopping basket towards the top right of every page.
It will either show '0 - Items £0.00' OR the exact number of items currently in the Cart, along with their cost.
To clear unwanted items - Click on the Icon and then either click on the 'X' to the right of each product, OR click on the green 'View Cart' button, to take you to the normal Shopping Cart page.
If there are a lot of items in the Cart, you may need to scroll down using the slide bar on the right of the list, before you see the green 'View Cart' button. 

Please note, new arrangements for paying for your order.
Place you order as before, please ensure e mail address and contact number phone number are given.
In the 'Payment section' of the 'Checkout Page', select either the:
  • Cheque / Money Order / Cash Option - if you wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer Option - if you wish to pay via an Online Bank payment
  • Pay at Show Option - if you wish to pay at a forthcoming Show (please indicate which Show you are attending in the 'Comments Box' below the options)
  • Overseas- payment following courier quote obtained by C&L - if you are purchasing from outside of the UK
The order will then be Picked.
An invoice will be sent to you Via e mail including bank details for online bank transfer or card payment can be made by phone to main office number.
Other payment methods will be added in time.

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