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Posted by in on Feb 10, 2016 .

What a week! We now have a power supply and so should soon be able to get back to normal fairly soon.

On Monday we had a power cut in the village half an hour before we were due to open. This was as a result of storm dame caused to a tree half a mile from our unit. Once the power was back on everything in our unit was working fine, but obviously we had some catching up to do, as we had not been able to access or print off any orders received over the weekend.

When we got into work yesterday morning (Tuesday) we had no lights and only power sockets on one ring main. This was strange as none of the trip switches had activated. Have you ever tried getting hold of an electrician immediately after a storm like we had on Monday? Impossible! After some hours we found someone who could not come out, but could advise that part of our three phase supply had stopped working. I had a look in our outdoor meter cabinet and found some burnt...

Posted by in on Jan 25, 2016 .

Broadband - the final solution?

Tomorrow is meant to be the day that we get switched over from copper cable to Fibre Optic cable for two thirds of the distance between the Telephone Exchange and our unit. It is therefore possible that we might not have an internet connection for part of the day, although we understand that it is only a case of disconnecting and re-connecting a wire in a green roadside GPO box. However our experience in December and since then does not leave us with much confidence in BT's ability to carry out this simple task with causing disruption out of all proportion to the work to be done!

Tortoise Point Motors

These are currently in the air between America and Heathrow and are due to be delivered to us on Wednesday. I have put them back onto the website so that we can now take orders again.

Solder Paint

This has been unavailable for some time but we have now got some from Munich and it is...

Posted by in on Dec 31, 2015 .

Web Site Changes 

You should notice that our site has changed somewhat. However If you do not see a photo of trackwork across the top of the page, then you are still viewing a copy of our old site stored on your computer. Please hold down the Ctrl and F5 keys to clear the cache and load the new page. 

The aim is to make the site easier to navigate and more pleasing on the eye.

Regular customers will notice that the initial changes mean that Categories are now displayed on actual pages as picture icons, rather than on a very long list down the side of the page. We have re-categorised products and grouped them into the main modelling scales and gauges to make navigation easier. There is still more work required updating or adding pictures/icons and links, so please bear with us. Some pages are yet to display correctly on mobile devices.

Whilst this work is continuing we have left the original Categories in place, as a link...

Posted by in on Dec 29, 2015 .

Still having problems! 

Following on from our re-connection to a Broadband service a week last Friday, we assumed all was well. Unfortunately, on the Monday before Christmas, when more than one member of staff tired to use the internet at the same time, the connection was again repeatedly lost. Enquiries show that the new connection is so slow it can only cope with one PC accessing the web, and as soon as a second person tries to connect their machine, the Broadband stops working and both machines just 'hang'.

We have made a complaint and have also signed up to use a new fibre optic cable, which although it does not cover the entire distance from the Exchange, extends for around two thirds of the way. We are promised that this will make a significant difference to our broadband speed and therefore should stop further problems. The only issue now is how long will it be before BT can change the...

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