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Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Pete - Owner of C&L to stand down -  but it's business as usual


Copy of message recently sent to Customers and the Press


Dear Customer, Supplier, Trader or Friend of C&L,

I write to inform you that following medical advice concerning the deterioration in my ongoing chronic back pain, I have decided to step down from owning C&L.

The business has therefore been put up for sale with immediate effect. I intend to carry on as now until a new owner takes over. I have one interested party with whom discussions are taking place.

Below is the press release that has been sent out giving further details.

My health is such that there is a slow deterioration in what my back can withstand, and unfortunately there is no cure. I therefore have to manage it very carefully in order to slow the rate of decline which has been accompanied by an increase in pain, requiring constant relief using Morphine. I have to take seriously the warnings from medical professionals that continuing as now is likely to end at some point in the future with me permanently in a wheelchair. I still have the chance to reduce that risk, if I act now, and you will understand why I have reluctantly decided to take this decision now.

I had intended to run C&L for a further 8 years, on top of the 5 that I have completed so far, but that is not to be. I have looked into many ways of carrying on my ownership and my staff have been brilliant in taking on attending shows and more responsibilities in an attempt to enable me to stay. However, the trials that we have held have shown that I am still in too much pain for long periods, which seriously hampers my attempts to run the business in the way that I want to. The decision has been around 12 months in the making and so it is not as though I have rushed into it without trying to find alternatives.

I have been pleased with the progress of C&L during my stewardship, in that we have almost doubled our turnover, with more than three times as many products and double the number of staff. Profits are respectable and there is no reason why C&L can’t continue into the future having already been around in one format or another for over 30 years.

I want to emphasise that nothing will change in the short term. However I do have to be very careful not to create a perception where customers think that C&L is closing down, and therefore panic buy in order to obtain what they need to complete their layouts. We would not be able to deal with such a rush of orders! We are not closing down and I therefore ask that you emphasise the fact that it will be ‘Business as Usual’ with no need to panic buy, should the topic come up in conversation with other modellers. I hope that C&L will be able to attend booked Exhibitions and Shows as planned, but obviously that will be for new owners to decide in the future. For now it is a case of nothing changes.

I apologise for contacting you via a ‘general’ email that has been sent to all, rather than through individual personalised messages. However with the number of contacts that I need to inform, there was not any other way of achieving this.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of who have supported me over the last 5 years, without whom I could not have achieved anything. It is a shame that my ownership has to end under such circumstances, but when I do hang up my boots, I will forever look back on my time dealing with you all with fond memories.

I wish you all well for the future and thank you again for your help and support.

Kind regards

Pete Llewellyn

C&L Finescale Modelling Ltd


Press Release

C&L Finescale – owner Pete Llewellyn to stand down

Customers of C&L may be aware that Pete suffers with chronic back pain. This resulted from an unsuccessful operation in 2004 to repair 3 discs in his lower back which forced him into early medical retirement, followed by seven years when he was unable to work. He gradually improved and was able to purchase C&L 5 years ago. Since then, C&L has seen a doubling in size, but the additional workload has resulted in a gradual deterioration in Pete’s condition.

Following medical advice that his long term health will be adversely affected if he carries on as now, Pete has decided that he has no option but to call time on his ownership of C&L. He is hopeful that he can pass the C&L baton on to a new owner and so ensure continuity in the supply of the many specialist products that C&L offer the railway modeler.

In the meantime it will be business as usual, with C&L attending its booked Exhibitions/Shows and continuing to offer over 3,000 products via its re-vamped website at www.finescale.org.uk

Pete commented:

“It is such a shame that I have to step down at this point as I had planned to continue with C&L for another 8 years. However it would be madness to do so and then spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, having not listened to medical advice. Whilst I am extremely disappointed to be leaving the business, I will do all I can to offer support to a new owner to help ensure that C&L continues as it has for the last 30 plus years”.

“The search for a new owner has commenced. I am hopeful that I can interest someone who is willing to take on the role of owner/manager of C&L. The current staff are all very experienced and with the right new leadership C&L could continue to operate from its current premises near Bristol with very little change. Developments in IT mean that many aspects of management could be handled remotely, which could widen the pool of potential owners”.

Potential purchasers can contact Pete for further information by emailing: pete@finescale.org.uk

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