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  • Update 11th February 2015 Feb 15, 2015

    Wednesday 11th February 2015 1) Too busy for updates! The last week and a half has probably been our busiest since Pete took over at C&L almost four years ago. January saw the number of orders received increase by over 50% compared to the...

  • Update - 2nd February Feb 11, 2015

    Monday 2nd February 2015 1) Thief strikes at Stafford Show Our attendance at a very successful show run by the Stafford Railway Circle was tempered by the fact that for the first time since taking over C&L we have been targeted by someone...

  • Update - 27th Jan 2015 Feb 02, 2015

    Tuesday 27th January 2015 1) More Broadband Problems Our apologies for there not being any updates for over a week. We were extremely busy last week in the lead up to the Bristol O Gauge Show and whilst loading our van on Friday our...

  • Update 18th January 2015 Jan 27, 2015

    Sunday 18th January 2015 1) 'Gaugemaster' Range - New Products We are due to receive a delivery from Gaugemaster on Tuesday which will include a number of items that we have not stocked before. These include Controllers, Transformers, Seep...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

'Sale Prices' in March - some confusion!

In the March issues of certain railway magazines, we placed adverts offering sale prices on some products, in what we are calling our 'Mad March Sale'. Unfortunately the adverts did not make clear that the offer covers the period from 1st to 31st March only. Most magazines publish a couple of weeks before the start of the month that they cover and the adverts have now appeared. This had led to some confusion as to when the sale prices are actually starting.

The offer only applies to orders received on or after 1st March, until 31st.

Does your model railway trackwork look this good?

We specialise in prototypical looking finescale track that makes your layout look so much more like the real thing.


C&L track & kits are easy to use and if you make the switch to our quality products, you will never look back. 

Don't be put off by thinking that you have never made track before. For one thing we can supply our flexitrack as 'ready to use' and when it comes to pointwork, you simply glue the pre-made products together.

We produce our own specially made rail called 'HiNi', that is Nickel Silver but looks more like the steel of the real thing. No more yellow looking trackwork! 

It's now so easy to achieve very realistic hand built trackwork - there is no longer any excuse for running top quality models be they kit built or high standard ready to run, on non prototype looking track!

Why not start off on our 'Explaining our 'Product Range' page to guide you through what is available across our range, both from C&L and Exactoscale. CLICK HERE

We hope you enjoy our site and we wish you well with your layout, whatever it is you are building or planning to build at some point in the future.  

Regards. Pete Llewellyn (Owner of C&L)


New to our site? - Do you want to jump to the section that tells you more about us and what we can offer?  CLICK HERE

For the latest position regarding the re-stocking of products and the latest new arrivals please CLICK HERE   (UPDATED 20th FEB)

You are welcome to visit our Shop on the outskirts of Bristol.  We are only 4 miles from Junction 18 of the M5 at Avonmouth. We are close to the Cribs Causeway Shopping complex should you wish to combine a visit to both retail outlets. 


Sunday 15th February 2015

1) Pete not around for two weeks

The next two weeks require Pete to be away from the office for almost the complete period. He has a number of commitments including the need to urgently machine hundreds of parts over the next two days. He then has to prepare both the end of year accounts and the current VAT return. A further complication is that as a result of the below announcement, the number of staff employed by C&L has reached the trigger point which now mean that a raft of Employment and Health & Safety regulations suddenly become applicable. These require a considerable amount of work by Pete to prepare the necessary documentation. Unfortunately the requirements can't be ignored and in any case are aimed as safeguarding both C&L staff and the business. Pete has realised that there is insufficient time in the day to manage both the business and complete these tasks. Pete will therefore be working away from the office in order to finalise this work without interruption, in order to get it finalised by the required deadlines.

During the following week Pete needs to visit a number of suppliers to C&L (both current and potentially new suppliers). These visits are really important to the business and it is our experience that personal contact and relationships made as a result of Pete's annual trek benefit all concerned, especially when things go wrong in the production and supply chain! The opportunity will also be taken to look into producing new items for C&L, including the provision of 'ready made' turnout kits (in both bullhead and flat bottom rail versions) that will be available to use 'straight from the box'. This is something that has been a long term aim but following recent meetings it seems as though it might now actually happen! We still have some issues to sort with regard to machining certain parts and the price of doing so. If these can be resolved we hope to make an announcement in two months, once we have built up some stock of kits. The range is likely to be limited to start with until we see how this idea progresses. 

We do understand that Pete not being in the office will mean that there will be less advice available, although Luke can now answer most queries. However, he needs to be contacted between 9am and 4pm daily by telephone. Please refrain from sending emails asking for advice during the next two weeks as they will not be answered for some considerable time.

Pete will return to the office on Monday 1st March.   

2) Phil Reid joins the C&L team

C&L regulars will know that Phil Reid has been acting as a volunteer 'agent' for C&L by taking our smaller stand to Shows and Exhibitions, mostly in and around the Greater London area but occasionally a lot further afield. We have concluded after running this experiment for more than a year that is has more than proved a success. We have therefore decided to put things onto a firmer footing by C&L employing Phil for the periods that he works with the stand. He will remain in his current full time employment as now, but this change will mean that he is safeguarded in terms of employment legislation, insurance etc. We thank Phil for his efforts so far which have enabled hundreds of customers to see our products at shows we would not normally have attended, as well as introducing many who have never heard of C&L! He has also provided a service through him being able to deliver numerous 'pre-show' orders, which have saved many customers the shipping costs that would have otherwise been applicable.

Previous Blog Updates - CLICK HERE 


Who are we and what do we offer?

C&L Finescale aims to encourage modellers who are unhappy with how the trackwork on their layout looks, to rise to the challenge of building at least some of their own track or pointwork. Our simple method is to glue chairs to sleepers and timbers, rather than soldering rails to copper clad strips, to achieve prototypical looking trackwork that includes chairs and other detail. We want your track to compliment your layout and not to look out of place with highly detailed kit and ready to run locos and rolling stock. We are now able to supply both C&L and Exactoscale track components, along with the latest additions to our range in the form of wheels, gear boxes and wagon chassis and brake gear.

The Carr's range of products covers items for the preparations prior to soldering, solders & fluxes as well as post soldering treatments. The range also includes metal black treatments, scenic items, ballast, baseboard fittings and underlay which compliment the C&L range, and are joined by products from other manufacturers such as Antex (soldering irons, bits & accessories) and Roger Smith's modelling products.

We are also UK distributors for Tortoise 'slow action' Point Motors and accessories, and we still offer the 'Timber Tracks' range of laser cut plywood 'Track Bases', although we are no longer able to obtain further supplies.

We aim to give advice to assist new or inexperienced modellers. Visit the Knowledge Centre  on the main Menu, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. These pages will be added to and improved over the coming weeks. Further information is given at the start of many of the pages displaying the lists of our products, and these will be expanded with more information and tips as time allows.

We take our stand to around thirty Model Railway Exhibitions throughout the year (see Exhibition Diary), and sell many of our products through other Traders and Model Shops, both in the UK and abroad.

Go to our Contacts Page for details of our address, phone and email address.

Why not visit our Shop?

Aran Lodge, Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Located half way between the M5 junctions for Cribs Causeway and Avonmouth on the edge of a rural village (no need to go into Bristol). Leave your partner at the Cribbs Shopping complex and pop along to see us nearby! 

Shop Opening Hours 

Callers are welcome between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We close on Friday's that precede a Model Railway Exhibition, to allow us to travel and set up.

Please check the Exhibition Diary for details. 

Also, please phone first to ensure that Pete will be available at the unit if you need to discuss technical issues or ask for advice on our product range.



C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517