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  • Update - 4th November 2014 Nov 17, 2014

    Tuesday 4th November 2014 Back to normal! We are back to a full staff compliment now that Jenny is back at work. Pete will not be in the office on Thursday morning and Friday this week, nor on Monday next week. His back gave out again on...

  • Update - 30th October 2014 Nov 04, 2014

    Thursday 30th October 2014 Getter there but not quite!   Pete is back to work, but has a huge amount to catch up on and so it will take a while for him to tackle the email backlog. He has lots of things to order and as a result of being...

  • Update - 28th October 2014 Oct 30, 2014

    Tuesday 28th October 2014 What's wrong with Pete now?   Food poisoning actually! That in itself was not too much of a problem in that after two days he felt reasonably OK again. However the constant retching whilst trying to be sick...

  • 23rd October 2014 Oct 28, 2014

    Thursday 23rd October 2014 What phone line? What phone installation?   BT turned up yesterday to install our second phone line as arranged. Guess what they discovered? There was no spare line between the pole outside our premises and the...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

New to the site? - Do you want to jump to the section that tells you about us and what we can offer?  CLICK HERE

You are welcome to visit our Shop in Bristol (only 4 miles from M5 at Avonmouth heading away from the City).


Tuesday 18th November 2014

Len Newman

Many of you will know Len, and that he started C&L back in the 1980's. In more recent years he was heavily involved with Exactoscale along with Andrew Jukes. Ill health curtailed his more recent employment with C&L as our development manager, after which he officially retired. We have today learnt that he recently slipped over whilst emptying his recycling bin, resulting in a fracture to his hip. He is now home from hospital and currently needs to use a zimmer frame to get around his flat. He is still in a lot of pain, but family and friends have rallied round at this difficult time. We wish him a speedy recovery.


They say things come in 3's

  • We had our Flooded Warehouse.
  • We had our Break In & Theft.
  • Now we have a significant water leak somewhere under our premises!

Our local Water Board contacted us to report that our water bill has recently more than quadrupled, from around £100 to nearly £500. Enquiries show that there is a leak within our boundary and therefore it is our responsibility and not the Water Board's. The leak could be anywhere under our property be that the side access road, car park or the actual offices & warehouse. The pipe is plastic and so it will be quite difficult to establish the exact location. We have a steam that runs along the rear of our premises and so it is likely that the escaping water is draining away into that, hence the fact that we have not had any indication of the underground leak. We will need to call someone in to deal with the issue, which may cause some disruption depending upon what is found and where. Just what we needed during our busiest week of the year!

Monday 17th November 2014

A busy week!

This week is likely to be our busiest of the year, in the lead up to the Warley Show at the NEC next weekend. We have a lot of stock to prepare and pack. We are planning to take as wide a range of our recently expanded range of products as possible which means that we will have to use a second vehicle for the first time ever to get it all to the show! Please remember that we have had to bring forward the normal deadlines for advanced purchases as detailed below.


Deadlines for Warley Show (at NEC on 22/23rd November)

Please do not leave placing an order for collection at Warley until the week before, as you are likely to be disappointed!


It is necessary for us to take two vehicles to a show for the first time and in order to spread the loading over two days, in order to prevent Pete's back from giving out, we need to alter our normal deadlines for the placing of orders to be collected at this show.

Orders must be with us by:


Turnout Kits (C&L or Exactoscale) - 4pm on Monday 17th Nov.

Everything else - 4pm on Tuesday 18th Nov.


New phone system

Last Thursday BT again failed to turn up to install the new phone line and therefore the system is still not working. Unfortunately this means that the answer machine is not yet in operation. We are chasing those responsible! 


Products Update

Updates to the product list given in the previous Blog are as follows:


Arrived -

'OO' Fast Track bases in Concrete (E4FT 106A)

Some Copperclad (but not the full order)

Remaining plywood Sleepers & Timbers

100 degree Solder

Antex soldering irons, stands & bits

138 degree Solder Cream  (green packet)

7mm Track Setters (new range of curves)

Due to arrive this week -

4mm 'B' Switchblades

Tortoise Motors (due 14th November) 

Due to arrive within two/three weeks -

3mm Exactoscale Axle Caps

OO-SF gauges (due end of November)

Still to order - 3mm Foam, Solder Paint

Other Recent Arrivals

Alignment Dowels

4mm Brass Fishplates

7mm Trackbase

Sleeper Stain

5mm Foam

New Products

DVD's - 'Right Track' railway modelling series (range that the Norman Solomon Track Laying DVD belongs to)

All Components - Controllers and Power Packs

Gaugemaster - Analogue and DCC Controllers

Peco/Ratio/Wills - will make up and post a new list ASAP


Previous Blog Updates - Click HERE


Who are we and what do we offer?

C&L Finescale aims to encourage modellers who are unhappy with how the trackwork on their layout looks, to rise to the challenge of building at least some of their own track or pointwork. Our simple method is to glue chairs to sleepers and timbers, rather than soldering rails to copper clad strips, to achieve prototypical looking trackwork that includes chairs and other detail. We want your track to compliment your layout and not to look out of place with highly detailed kit and ready to run locos and rolling stock. We are now able to supply both C&L and Exactoscale track components, along with the latest additions to our range in the form of wheels, gear boxes and wagon chassis and brake gear.

The Carr's range of products covers items for the preparations prior to soldering, solders & fluxes as well as post soldering treatments. The range also includes metal black treatments, scenic items, ballast, baseboard fittings and underlay which compliment the C&L range, and are joined by products from other manufacturers such as Antex (soldering irons, bits & accessories) and Roger Smith's modelling products.

We are also UK distributors for Tortoise 'slow action' Point Motors and accessories, and we still offer the 'Timber Tracks' range of laser cut plywood 'Track Bases', although we are no longer able to obtain further supplies.

We aim to give advice to assist new or inexperienced modellers. Visit the new Knowledge Centre on the main Menu, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. These pages will be added to and improved over the coming weeks. Further information is given at the start of many of the pages displaying the lists of our products, and these will be expanded with more information and tips as time allows.

We take our stand to around thirty Model Railway Exhibitions throughout the year (see Exhibition Diary), and sell many of our products through other Traders and Model Shops, both in the UK and abroad.

Go to our Contacts Page for details of our address, phone and email address.

Why not visit our Shop?

Aran Lodge, Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Located half way between the M5 junctions for Cribs Causeway and Avonmouth on the edge of a rural village (no need to go into Bristol). Leave your partner at the Cribbs Shopping complex and pop along to see us nearby! 

Shop Opening Hours 

Callers are welcome between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We close on Friday's that precede a Model Railway Exhibition, to allow us to travel and set up.

Please check the Exhibition Diary for details. 

Also, please phone first to ensure that Pete will be available at the unit if you need to discuss technical issues or ask for advice on our product range.



C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517