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Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Reminder - Last dates for web and phone orders:

CARR's PRODUCTS: 9am on Friday 31st March 

(Any item that has a product code that starts with the letter 'C', plus tools and DVDs)

EVERYTHING ELSE: 9am on Friday 28 April

(Includes C&L, Exactoscale, Peco, Ratio, Will, Gaugemaster, DCC Concepts etc)

Future Availability

Carr's products will be available through the Phoenix Paints website, but not immediately. Details of their opening date will be announced here later on, along with website and phone number details).

C&L and Exactoscale products (but not Peco, Ratio, Wills) will be available from Phil Reid through the current C&L website, but not until somewhere around 1st June. Prior to that a new phone number and contact address will be announced.

Posted - Sunday 26th March

NEWS UPDATE - Sunday 19th March

The plans are coming together for the sale of the two parts of our current business. The latest information is as follows:

The Carr's business

Phoenix Paints will become the new owners of the Carr's range of products and will be moving stock to their premises near Southend around 3rd April.  

The current C&L website will stop taking orders for all CARR's products at 9am on Friday 31st March (Carr's products are normally identified by their product code starting with the letter 'C').

Any order received after that time will NOT be dispatched and will be cancelled, as staff will be busy carrying out a stocktake and packing the stock ready for the move the following week. 

C&L, Exactoscale, Peco and all other non Carr's products will still be available through the C&L website (see below).

In addition we are pleased to announce that a deal has provisionally been reached which will mean that Carr's products will still be available on the C&L stand at Exhibitions and Trade Shows, as well as from the Pheonix website and from their Show stand as well. This will increase the opportunity for purchasing Carr's products without the need to pay for shipping. It will be particularly useful in the case of Fluxes and Chemicals, as there will then be no need for a Courier delivery service, which is a requirement for website orders, due to Royal Mail restrictions on the carriage of such products.

The C&L business (including Exactoscale)

Our current Trade Show Agent Mr Phil Reid will be taking on the C&L and Exactoscale brands. 

The plan is for us to stop taking orders on the C&L website at 9am on Friday 28 April. Stock will then be packed up and moved during the next couple of weeks to a new location in Surrey. 

There will not be a retail outlet at the new premises. As this is a pre-requirement for holding an account with Peco, it will no longer be possible to purchase Peco, Ratio and Wills products from the C&L website. 

Phil hopes to re-start sales for C&L and Exactoscale items around 1st June, although this is a provisional date at this time.

The website will remain pretty much the same, except that it will not have the Carr's products listed - although they will be available from Phil's Show Stand.

There will be a limited number of changes to the Exhibition Diary in due course, so please check back on a regular basis. Link: Exhibition Diary

NEWS UPDATE - Sunday 19th March

Re: Carr's - change of Ownership

We are pleased to announce that provisional agreement has been reached regarding the sale of the Carr's product range to the well known trader Phoenix Paints. The sale will ensure that the majority of the products will remain available to customers.

Further details will be released once more of the arrangements have agreed.

The provisional date for the movement of stock to the Phoenix premises in Essex is the week commencing 3rd April. A final date for ordering through the C&L website will be announced as soon as possible. There is then likely to be a short gap until the stock has been moved and organised and is available again through Phoenix.       

Update - Sunday 5th March

A slower level of service this week?

It is unfortunate that the news of the sale of C&L leaked when it did, as I had hoped to keep the lid on the announcement for one more week. The reason is that we have staff on leave for the whole of next week and are therefore less able to deal with any upturn in orders. We will still endeavour to send orders as quickly as we can, but with the high level that we are currently receiving, it will be impossible to operate exactly as normal, especially with a member of staff away leave. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask that you bear with us.

Stock levels and re-stocking

Stocks are disappearing faster than we had hoped, even with my plea not to panic buy. Whilst we will be able to re-order most things, it is likely to take a number of weeks to actually have them back stock.

Normally we would temporarily remove ‘out of stock’ items from the website and then reinstate them once we had products available. However, it is likely that during this busy period we will not be able to maintain the site to the same degree. Customers are therefore likely to get a message showing 'out of stock' if they try to order items that have not been temporarily removed, but which have sold out. As soon as stock is replenished, customers will be able to order again as normal.

If you get an 'out of stock' message displayed, please leave it a few days (or weeks) and then try again. Just because an item is ‘out of stock’ at any particular time, it does not mean that we will refrain from trying to re-stock before the change of ownership. We will do our best to keep the website as up to date as possible, and re-stocked as many of the products as we can.

Emails re 'out of stock' items.

If customers could refrain from emailing to ask when we intend to re-stock, it would be a great help and really appreciated!

Discontinued products

The new owner will make announcements in plenty of time concerning any items that he will be dropping from the business.

Thank you for your patience and consideration


PRESS RELEASE: from C&L Finescale Modelling Ltd.

Re: Change of Ownership

C&L are pleased to announce that subject to final agreement, plans are in place for the business to be sold. It is early days but we are making this announcement now as there have been rumours of our closing down. These were based on the fact that the business will be leaving our present home at Aran Lodge with effect from the end of April 2017.

Customers will be pleased to know that the prospective purchaser will continue to make available both C&L and Exactoscale track related products.

The business format will change and will be downsizing in so much as there will no longer be a shop, and as a result it will not be possible to continue selling Peco products. However, the C&L stand will still be attending at the Shows and Exhibitions as given on the website Exhibition page.

The main difference will be that C&L will revert to more of a ‘cottage industry’ type operation, which is how it started out more than 30 years ago. It is likely to mean that there will no longer be next day deliveries and the ordering system may need to change. However, it will still be possible to order in advance for collection at Shows, thereby saving on shipping costs.

The purchaser has a detailed knowledge of both the C&L and Exactoscale ranges, as well as having been a modeller for many years.

We hope that this reassuring news will settle concerns, and in particular will prevent a rush to buy stock. Obviously there will be some items that will be allowed to go out of stock in the short term, whilst the new owner evaluates which products to retain and which of the slow moving ones to drop.

The owner of C&L Finescale Modelling Ltd, Pete Llewellyn said:

 “I am very pleased that having been looking for a buyer for some time, it has been agreed that the business will carry on under new ownership. It means that modellers with unfinished layouts will not have worries about the future supply of track parts. Suffering as I do with long term back pain meant that I could not carry on indefinitely and with the six year lease of our industrial unit due to expire in May, I was not in a position to renew it”.

“Unfortunately the down side of the change is that I will have to make 5 staff members redundant, which is poor rewards for the excellent service that they have given both to my business and my customers over the years. I want to publicly thank them for their efforts, especially all of those occasions where they have stepped up and done over and above what might have been expected from them. Redundancy will come hard to some of them and it is with a feeling of great sadness that I will have to see them leave, and the C&L team break up”.

“Nothing is signed as yet but I wanted to announce the news to prevent panic buying and to offer reassurance to our ever faithful customers”

“I want to thank the hundreds of customers who have freely supported my business over the years, either by buying our products or in many other ways, such as helping at Shows. I also want to thank my suppliers, who have often needed a huge amount of patience to cope with my last minute orders, me having failed to give them sufficient lead time!

“People’s kindness has been overwhelming and appreciated. It is something that I will always look back on with fond memories, especially the customer who phoned to tell me that I had forgotten to send him an invoice and that he therefore owed me money – who these days tells a supplier that they owe them money!

Further announcements will follow with more details.

The plan at present is that C&L will attend at the Thornbury Show, Bristol, at the end of April, with last website orders being taken on Thursday 29thApril. The business will then close for the following few weeks whilst the move takes place. The aim is for the new owner to start trading around 1st June. Please note that these are tentative plans at the moment and may change, so please check the website for updates.

Product lines which are not to be continued (such as Peco) will be offered on the website and at Shows until they run out. C&L and Exactoscale products will be re-stocked where we can, but any rush in sales might cause shortages, which with the current lead times from suppliers, may mean some items run out. It may well take until July to get back to normal.

We apologise if this change in ownership causes any inconvenience. We will work hard to keep it to a minimum but there are bound to be some customers who can’t immediately purchase exactly what they want. However the fact that the business is carrying on will hopefully be some compensation, as at one point recently it looked as though we would have to close completely.

We ask that wherever possible you refrain from sending emails asking specific questions, which we almost certainly will not be able to answer at this stage! Please wait for updates on the website, where more detailed information will be published as it becomes clear. Customers will appreciate that there are hundreds of issues to sort out both in relation to stock, as well as admin matters such as phone numbers, websites and Banking etc. Anything that customers can do to keep down the level of enquiries will be greatly appreciated.


The situation with Carr’s is less clear. That part of the business is currently for sale and therefore it is not possible to give information as to its eventual outcome.

Interested parties should contact Pete at: pete@finescale.org.uk.

Pete Llewelyn

  Posted Friday 3rd March

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NEWS UPDATE - 12th Feb


Pete has had a number of other commitments during the last week which has resulted in a bit if a backlog of emails relating to things other than orders. Apologies for the delay in answer any emails sent since last Monday. 



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