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Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Website Updates


Yesterday afternoon we carried out essential updates on the website software. Most of the changes have now been completed.

One of the changes has been to product prices. Many have had to be increased whilst some have been reduced.

The other major change has been to the types of Customer Accounts available and how discounts for Shops and Traders are handled.

Follow these links for a full explanation of our position. 

Why the increase in Prices?

Why the changes to Customer Accounts?


      Bristol Barrow Road P4 layout (using Exactoscale track parts) - by Robin Whittle

Pete away

Please note that Pete will be way and therefore unable to deal with email enquiries until Sunday 15th January

Please click the links in RED below to take you to the appropriate page


NEWS UPDATE - Wednesday 7th December

7mm - Rail & Flexi Track - available again from next week

We have been promised a delivery of our long awaited order next Tuesday (13th December). This is obviously too late for us to be able to bring rail or make flexi track in time for the Reading O Gauge Show this Saturday. We will not be in a position to take orders at the show but instead ask that customers now go ahead and place their orders online. As of today we have re-listed these products on the website, so they can now be ordered as normal.

We ask for your patience as there is already a backlog of orders to prepare. We will get the track made as quickly as possible, but it might take around a week from the delivery date to deal with both the outstanding and newly placed orders.

We apologise for the delay in getting this rail back into stock. 

NEWS UPDATE - Sunday 20th November


We have carried out a review of the exhibitions that we are able to attend during 2017, now that Pete is not able to attend shows for heath reasons. The Exhibition Diary page has been updated. 

Link to: Exhibition Page

NEWS UPDATE - Saturday 5th November

7mm - Rail & Flexi Track

We are currently out of stock of both of these items. This is as a result of unprecedented demand over the last couple of months. We have sold track and rail at more than double the rate we achieved during the same period last year. The situation has not been helped by a slight delay at the suppliers.

We are the only rail manufacturer in the UK that uses a specially formulated 'HiNi' nickel silver rail which contains a higher percentage of nickel than other makers, resulting in our rail looking more like steel (and not having the yellow tinge of normal N/S rail).

The disadvantage is that we can't just go out and buy N/S rail from any supplier. It has to be specially made for us and this causes issues every now and then, depending upon the capacity of the supplier and the workload of the manufacturer that draws the round wire into the form of bullhead rail.

We have been caught out on this occasion and apologise for any inconvenience caused. We can't give an exact date for when we will have our new stock, but it is likely to be another few weeks.

NEWS UPDATE - Thursday 6th October 2016

Rumours re sale of business

NEWS UPDATE - Sunday 11th September  

Pete's change of role


Pete - Owner of C&L to stand down, but its business as usual



Click on these links

NEW - PECO - 'Special Deals'

NEW - TOOLS - 'Special Deals'



Exactoscale Check Chairs - 0.8mm

We now have these popular check chairs back in stock. There is a slight issue with a very small amount of 'flash' appearing on one corner of the chair. It is easy to remove. We have taken the decision to make these chairs availalbe (having not had any for quite some time), and to look into why this minor issue has suddenly raised its ugly head, so that action can be taken prior to ordering the naxt batch.

E4CH 403A  -  Click Here to for OO/EM Check Chairs

Plywood Sleepers & Timbers (4mm and 7mm)

We are finally offer 3mm thick, as well as the normal 5

Foam Underlay - 3mm  -  Click Here to for 3mm Foam

We are finally offer 3mm thick, as well as the normal 5mm foam underlay.

Rubberised CorkClick Here to for Rubberised Cork

We are now able to again supply the really popular rubberised cork, which is idea for an underlay for out rack.

Tortoise Point MotorsClick Here to for all our Point Motors

We have received our delivery from the USA and are now able to supply motors as single units, or in packs of 3, 6 or 12 for extra savings.


7mm Hini Rail for O gauge flexi track and packs of rail

Track & Check Gauges in OO-SF

7mm Point Rodding

Various Exactoscale and C&L Brass chairs

Copperclad (in all sizes)

145 degree solder

Exhibition Diary

The expanded London Based Stand operated by Phil Reid

Click the above link for details of forthcoming shows.

We attend with either our Bristol or London based stands

Please pre-order whenever possible to avoid dissapointment

See the latest ordering dates for upcoming shows


at reduced introductory prices!

Parts from P4 Exactoscale Kits - not previously sold as individual items

1) Switch Assemblies - combined switchblade & stock rail fitting


2) Plastic Turnout Bases (thick)

 Range A5, A6, A7, B7, B8, C10, Double/Single Slips & Diamonds


           LINK to the P4 Special Deals page

Featured Product 

C&L Trackwork - new 'Ready to Use' professionally hand built turnouts.

Range now extended!

 Follow these link for more information

'OO' Ready to Use - Available as 'A4, 'A5' & 'B6' Turnouts   

'F7' Ready to Use - 'B6' Turnout

Check at regular intervals to see what has recently been added to our website!

NEW - Advice Sheets

A selection of 'Advice Sheets' - topics include: 

  • Cobalt Point Motors & Switches      
  • Starting in DCC      
  • Choosing a DCC system    
  • Wiring a Layout in DC & DCC       
  • Improving Peco Pointwork

Placing an Order

We ask that orders be placed through the website as card payment details are then securely held only by the Merchant Services provider. We don't even get to see them!

Phone orders require that we record the details on paper files. Whilst we take extreme care with personal card details there is a slighty increased possibility that they might not remain completely secure. In more than four years of trading we have never had a customers card details comprimised by purchasing through our secure web site.

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Pete Llewelyn


C&L Finescale

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