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Welcome to the Model Railway Track Building Specialists - C & L Finescale Track Building Systems

 125 Reaver House 12 East Street Epsom Surrey KT17 1HX

Contact phone number 01372 748490


New Office hours 10.00 till 14.00 Mon Tues Thurs.  Wed 14.00 till 19.00

Fridays the office will be closed.


Orders for collection at shows and requests for large quanites of a product line need to placed online by the Tuesday preceeding the show and confirmed by phone do not place orders by e mail.


Payment of orders are not taken through the website for on line banking select Bank Transfer and quote in text order number, cheque please remember to add order number or card by phone debit or credit cards are accepted.

Please remember there is only one of me! If you call and do not get an immrdiate answer please allow around 15 minutes between calls.

All orders will be dispatched as soon as it is possible to do so, website can sometime be showing incorrect stock values, orders will be held until replacement stock has been sourced. In fairness to all customers orders will be dealt with in order of receipt.

On some of the stock lines their is a significant lead time in the supply chain orders will be held until stock has been sourced.ve a stand at the Thornbury show please note for orders to be collected at show you will have needed to have place order on line and phone

to arrange, no e mails the same will apply to all forth comming shows.



I have notice the main business mobile is no longer charging properly and is working only intermitantly, will sort over the weekend as my means for transport is away for serviceing today.


Office is closed from Friday 20th July 2018 to 31st July 2018 Staff Holiday

CMRA workshop day 21st July 2018 unable attend due to later than expected date Re booked Holiday!

I hope to have in the next couple of weeks an IT company who are going to build a new website and fixing the problem with the contact us 

e mail which has been a real problem since taking on C & L.

SF track gauges this has become a project which has been at best been stalled on a hillside in the middle of no where, although this is a machine shop project thier are lead times and the quantites required are small and most small engineering companies quote figures which the average modeller would not want to pay. I have found company who are willing to take on and will allow repeat orders but these need to be worked into their normal workload along with set up and how best to produce without inccuring additonal costs.

New stock of Code 82 FB Rail made from the HINI Nickle wire to the same spec material as the code 75 this is a planned expense due to the cost involve, this has had long delivery scheduled expected to arrive in September.

SR third rail protection boards brakets and chairs, I have been able source new supply of the the third rail chairs but the location of the art work for the protection boards remain a mistery and to that end I have commisioned new art work to replace the missing artwork.


Orders have been placed for 4mm LSWR chairs E4CH104A and E4CH402A lead time mid July.


Exhibition diary

Please note that we will be attending at the following forthcoming show

Rail Wells 11th ,12th August 2018



A selection of 4mm General Items

4mm (inc. Rail, Switchblades & Vees)



4mm (inc. Rail, Switchblades & Vees)


























A selection of 'OO' specific Items

'OO' (inc. Rail, Switchblades & Vees)


'OO' (inc. Rail, Switchblades & Vees)


















A selection of 'P4' General Items

Includes both 'C&L' and 'Exactoscale' products














C & L Finescale Track Building Systems Ltd

VAT ID: GB 267812478   Registered company number: 10746899