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    Sunday 11th January 2015 1) Order backlog sorted (almost) We have managed to clear just about all of the orders received over the New Year period following a really busy time last week. We are still having huge problems with our phones...

  • Update 2nd January 2015 Jan 11, 2015

    Friday 2nd January 2015 1) Pay Pal - now available to make payments We have added Pay Pal as a payment option. This should be particularly useful to our overseas customers, a few of whom have continued to occasionally have problems with...

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    Thursday 25th December 2014 Our Courier 'City Link' goes into administration   For the past 6 years or more 'City Link' has been the contracted delivery courier for C&L parcels to UK addresses, that could not be sent using Royal...

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      Sunday 21st December 2014 What's happening at C&L over Xmas & New Year?   C&L staff will be at work as normal on Monday 22nd but only up until 11am. They will then be heading off for their Xmas Meal and so the Shop and Office will...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Does your model railway trackwork look this good?

We specialise in prototypical looking finescale track that makes your layout look so much more like the real thing.


C&L track & kits are easy to use and if you make the switch to our quality products, you will never look back. 

Don't be put off by thinking that you have never made track before. For one thing we can supply our flexitrack as 'ready to use' and when it comes to pointwork, you simply glue the pre-made products together.

We produce our own specially made rail called 'HiNi', that is Nickel Silver but looks more like the steel of the real thing. No more yellow looking trackwork! 

It's now so easy to achieve very realistic hand built trackwork - there is no longer any excuse for running top quality models be they kit built or high standard ready to run, on non prototype looking track!

Why not start off on our 'Explaining our 'Product Range' page to guide you through what is available across our range, both from C&L and Exactoscale. CLICK HERE

We hope you enjoy our site and we wish you well with your layout, whatever it is you are building or planning to build at some point in the future.  

Regards. Pete Llewellyn (Owner of C&L)


New to our site? - Do you want to jump to the section that tells you more about us and what we can offer?  CLICK HERE

For the latest position regarding the re-stocking of products and the latest new arrivals please CLICK HERE 

You are welcome to visit our Shop on the outskirts of Bristol.  We are only 4 miles from Junction 18 of the M5 at Avonmouth. 

To visit us there is no need to go into Bristol city centre. We are close to the Cribs Causeway Shopping complex should you wish to combine a visit to both retail outlets. Maybe one partner could be dropped off there whilst the other pops along to see us. It's just a thought, but we don't accept responsibility for how many pairs of shoes they might buy whilst you are browsing our range!


Sunday 18th January 2015

1) 'Gaugemaster' Range - New Products

We are due to receive a delivery from Gaugemaster on Tuesday which will include a number of items that we have not stocked before. These include Controllers, Transformers, Seep Point Motors, Capacitor Discharge Unit and well as a useful DCC & DC Track Tester and switches for the manual operation of points.


We have developed a new page giving both the 'technical details' as well 'general information' on all of the Gaugemaster products that we now stock.

To visit the Gaugemaster Summary PageCLICK HERE  

To go tot the Analogue products page CLICK HERE       To go tot the DCC products page CLICK HERE   

2) 'Dapol' Range - New Products

We are also due a delivery of the Dapol range of plastic Trackside and Building kits.


To view this range CLICK HERE 

3) 'Deluxe Materials' - New Products

We are also due a delivery of the Deluxe Materials range of specialist Adhesives, Modelling Accessories and Scenic products.


To view the Deluxe Summary Page - CLICK HERE 

4) Forthcoming Shows - Deadline for advanced orders

Southampton - 24th to 25th Jan

Orders containing Turnout Kits - 9am Monday 19th Jan. All other orders - 9am Tuesday 20th Jan.

The reason for the early cut off for shows covered by Phil Reid, with our small stand is down to logistics. During a week preceding a show, we send out replacement stock to Phil (along with any advanced orders) at 2pm on the Tuesday. He usually receives the parcel next day, giving him time to be able to sort his stock after he gets home from work on Wednesday evening. This leaves him free to pack his car on the Thursday evening prior to travelling to set up at the Show during Friday. Should the parcel be delayed, he still receives the stock/orders on Thursday, and therefore is still able to take it with him. If we delayed by a day, then in all probability the delivery would not be made on Friday until after he had left for the show.

Bristol O Gauge - Sunday 25th Jan (only)

Orders containing Turnout Kits - 9am Thursday 22nd Jan. All other orders - 9am Friday 23rd Jan

We can relax the normal show timescale for Bristol for two reasons. Firstly it is held on just a Sunday and we therefore set up on the Saturday, not a weekday and secondly it is only just up the road from our workplace and so we do not have to allow for a day to travel to this show.

Stafford - 31st Jan to 1st Feb

Orders containing Turnout Kits - 9am on Wednesday 21st Jan. All other orders - 9am Thursday 22nd Jan


Previous Blog Updates - CLICK HERE 



Who are we and what do we offer?

C&L Finescale aims to encourage modellers who are unhappy with how the trackwork on their layout looks, to rise to the challenge of building at least some of their own track or pointwork. Our simple method is to glue chairs to sleepers and timbers, rather than soldering rails to copper clad strips, to achieve prototypical looking trackwork that includes chairs and other detail. We want your track to compliment your layout and not to look out of place with highly detailed kit and ready to run locos and rolling stock. We are now able to supply both C&L and Exactoscale track components, along with the latest additions to our range in the form of wheels, gear boxes and wagon chassis and brake gear.

The Carr's range of products covers items for the preparations prior to soldering, solders & fluxes as well as post soldering treatments. The range also includes metal black treatments, scenic items, ballast, baseboard fittings and underlay which compliment the C&L range, and are joined by products from other manufacturers such as Antex (soldering irons, bits & accessories) and Roger Smith's modelling products.

We are also UK distributors for Tortoise 'slow action' Point Motors and accessories, and we still offer the 'Timber Tracks' range of laser cut plywood 'Track Bases', although we are no longer able to obtain further supplies.

We aim to give advice to assist new or inexperienced modellers. Visit the Knowledge Centre  on the main Menu, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. These pages will be added to and improved over the coming weeks. Further information is given at the start of many of the pages displaying the lists of our products, and these will be expanded with more information and tips as time allows.

We take our stand to around thirty Model Railway Exhibitions throughout the year (see Exhibition Diary), and sell many of our products through other Traders and Model Shops, both in the UK and abroad.

Go to our Contacts Page for details of our address, phone and email address.

Why not visit our Shop?

Aran Lodge, Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Located half way between the M5 junctions for Cribs Causeway and Avonmouth on the edge of a rural village (no need to go into Bristol). Leave your partner at the Cribbs Shopping complex and pop along to see us nearby! 

Shop Opening Hours 

Callers are welcome between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We close on Friday's that precede a Model Railway Exhibition, to allow us to travel and set up.

Please check the Exhibition Diary for details. 

Also, please phone first to ensure that Pete will be available at the unit if you need to discuss technical issues or ask for advice on our product range.



C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517