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  • Update - 16th October 2014 Oct 20, 2014

    Thursday 16th October 2014 Announcement - C&L will NOT be attending Peterborough Show   We are sorry to announce that C&L will not be able to attend at the Peterborough Show this coming weekend. Pete has had a breakdown in his health...

  • Update - 14th October Oct 16, 2014

    Tuesday 14th October 2014 Back to normal but now Pete has a problem Pete is now back from his holiday but suffered a severe flare up of pain in his back towards the end of his break. Obviously getting away from work and relaxing in the sun...

  • Update - 3rd October 2014 Oct 14, 2014

    Friday 3rd October 2014 Pete on holiday - but business as usual   Pete is now away until Tuesday 14th October. Orders will be dealt with by Jenny as normal, as will emails relating to orders. However emails concerning everything else...

  • Update - 29th Sept Oct 03, 2014

    Monday 29th September 2014 Pete not around much   We finally managed to unloaded the van and get everything put back in its rightful place by mid afternoon today. Most outstanding orders have been dealt with, but only some of the backlog...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

New to the site? - Do you want to jump to the section that tells you about us and what we can offer?  CLICK HERE

You are welcome to visit our Shop in Bristol (only 4 miles from M5 at Avonmouth heading away from the City).


Thursday 23rd 22nd October 2014

What phone line? What phone installation?


BT turned up yesterday to install our second phone line as arranged. Guess what they discovered? There was no spare line between the pole outside our premises and the centre of our village about a third of a mile away. It will now take them more than a week to run a new line to our pole. Wouldn't you have thought that when they received the order for this line three weeks ago the first thing they would have done would have been to consult their records to make sure that there was at least one spare line available? Instead they wait to the day of installation and then their man has to climb four telegraph poles stretching back along the main road tyring to find the end of the last spare that is available. You could not make it up. 


Engineers from a private company were booked to attend yesterday to install the new phone system (see previous updates) but they did not turn up. Someone had forgotten to make the necessary entry in their diary!


Not a good day!


Emails replies being sent but not received

We have now had at least four instances where Pete has sent emails in the normal manner, but nothing has been received. When the Sent box has been checked the messages have disappeared. Annoyingly the problem only seems to occur spasmodically. Lots of other emails have been sent in between the various missing ones without any problem. We are looking into the reason for this. In the meantime if you were expecting a reply and have not had one, please can you email again to let us know. We apologise for this issue but it would appear to be a problem with the servers at 123.Reg who handle our emails, rather than with us directly.

Wednesday 22nd October 2014

Trying to phone us?

The new phone system is being installed today. It may mean that you are unable to get through by phone at certain times of the day. If you are able to leave phoning until tomorrow it would be greatly appreciated.

Tuesday 21st October 2014

Peco Prices

Peco have increased their prices for the first time in more than two years. We have reviewed the price of every item of theirs that we sell and amended our prices where it was absolutely necessary. We have taken into account the profit margin left for us after a sale, as well as the amount that Peco have increased their price by, as well as undertaking a review of the prices charged by the major online stockists. We have managed to reduce some prices and many have been left as they are, even though Peco have raised their price. Obviously in many cases we have been forced to increase the price that we charge. Customers will be aware that we pursue a policy of trying to match (or better) other online traders wherever possible, and therefore on some items our margins are very small. In those cases we have obviously had to raise our prices as there is no point spending out on buying Peco stock to then sell it for next to no contribution towards the costs of running our business. We have tried to match or better the 'big boys' on as many prices as we possibly can. We also discovered that there were a couple mistakes in our old pricing which we have corrected, but which have resulted in higher than expected rises having to be applied in order to put things right - we apologise for these couple of errors.

There will soon be a new price list added to the web site that will be in the PDF format which customers will be able to download if required. It was previously prepared all ready to go when the message from Peco arrived concerning the price rises. Typical - but at least we were informed before we had actually posted it! We have now had to amend this price list to reflect these Peco changes and so there has been a further delay to posting it on the web site. There was also a delay caused by Pete being poorly!

Monday 20th October 2014

Staff Issues

Firstly the good news - Pete is back to work today having spent the last four days completely resting his back. He is still on a slightly higher level of Morphine than normal but not enough to trigger the unpleasant side effects. It seems as though resting his three damaged discs has had the desired effect, enabling him to return to work. He plans to only work shorter hours than normal and is taking Friday off in order to try and further improve things by having another extended rest period of three days over next weekend. Unfortunately starting tomorrow things are likely to be rather hectic as we will have both alarm as well as phone engineers on site. The alarm people are adding still more levels of security, so that we should end up like Fort Knox before the end of the week. See section below re the phone. 

The not so good news is that Roy our track maker has also suffered a back problem and was not able to work at all last week. We are not sure what he will be able to achieve this week - certainly not a complete day making track! As a result there is a possibility that we may run short of our flexi track during this or next week. Please bear with us bearing in mind that Pete is not in a position to make any either, so we are rather snookered!

New phone system

We have had an ongoing issue with our Broadband, in that every time the phone rings the internet connection is lost. As the majority of our business is based around web sales and emails, this causes us huge problems. It takes around 5 minutes from the end of a phone call for the Broadband to come back to life, meaning that we waste a huge amount of time. It impacts on customers when they phone with a query regarding an order and we can't look at their order online whilst they are still on the phone. Not only is it not very professional to have to ring them back once we have been reconnected and been able to look at details of their order on our web site, it is also frustrating for our staff. We can be half way through inputting onto our web site an order received by telephone, and then lose everything that we have typed if someone then phones us! 

We have tried numerous solutions to try and overcome this issue, including BT engineers spending two afternoons with us, purchasing two new routers, replacing our walk about phones (as they were thought to possibly interfere with the router) and many other tricks that we have been told to try. None of this has worked and so we have been forced to concede that the only solution is to pay for a second phone line which will handle the broadband via a fibre optic cable. 

Whilst doing this we have decided to upgrade our phone system to give more flexibility and a better service to our customers. Instead of four members of staff having to share two phones connected to just one phone line, we will be able to have a phone each with two available phone lines. This means that one of us can phone out whilst the other is already on a call, or we can answer a second incoming call, unlike now when our customer would receive the engaged tone. The new system will answer incoming calls by giving a menu of options so that customers can route their call to the appropriate department/person. During the mornings this will mean that Jenny's phone will deal with orders whilst Pete's deal with anything else. The system can change at 1pm when Jenny leave for the day, thereafter routing all calls from then on to Pete, with any overflow to Luke's phone. We will be able to leave different opening messages depending upon what time of day a call is received and on what day of the week, as well as an alternative message for when we are at Shows. Answer phone messages will be directed to the department concerned (Jenny for orders and Pete for enquiries). We hope that these changes will be beneficial to our customers and will enhance their experience of ordering from C&L. All we have to do once the system is installed is work out how to set it up and how to use it to our best advantage!

Previous Blog Updates - Click HERE

Stolen Property from C&L burglary - Can you help?

The following pictures are of a 5" gauge live steam GWR Duke locomotive that was stolen from the C&L premises last weekend. 

We would be extremely grateful if customers could assist us by keeping a look out on the various online selling sites for this very distinctive loco. Not shown are the hundreds of highly engineered which were in cardboard boxes and which were also stolen. The loco itself was not finished, but all the parts needed were complete and just needed to be added. The parts include the cab fittings, firebox grate, splashers, boiler fittings, brake gear etc. This locomotive is very distinctive in its unfinished state and has involved the builder in almost ten years of work. Pete is the personal owner of this engine and he would appreciate help in looking out for his engine, as it was intended to be his 'retirement' project!

Pease report any sightings direct to Pete at C&L, preferably via phone (01179 505 470 - answer machine if no reply).


Who are we and what do we offer?

C&L Finescale aims to encourage modellers who are unhappy with how the trackwork on their layout looks, to rise to the challenge of building at least some of their own track or pointwork. Our simple method is to glue chairs to sleepers and timbers, rather than soldering rails to copper clad strips, to achieve prototypical looking trackwork that includes chairs and other detail. We want your track to compliment your layout and not to look out of place with highly detailed kit and ready to run locos and rolling stock. We are now able to supply both C&L and Exactoscale track components, along with the latest additions to our range in the form of wheels, gear boxes and wagon chassis and brake gear.

The Carr's range of products covers items for the preparations prior to soldering, solders & fluxes as well as post soldering treatments. The range also includes metal black treatments, scenic items, ballast, baseboard fittings and underlay which compliment the C&L range, and are joined by products from other manufacturers such as Antex (soldering irons, bits & accessories) and Roger Smith's modelling products.

We are also UK distributors for Tortoise 'slow action' Point Motors and accessories, and we still offer the 'Timber Tracks' range of laser cut plywood 'Track Bases', although we are no longer able to obtain further supplies.

We aim to give advice to assist new or inexperienced modellers. Visit the new Knowledge Centre on the main Menu, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. These pages will be added to and improved over the coming weeks. Further information is given at the start of many of the pages displaying the lists of our products, and these will be expanded with more information and tips as time allows.

We take our stand to around thirty Model Railway Exhibitions throughout the year (see Exhibition Diary), and sell many of our products through other Traders and Model Shops, both in the UK and abroad.

Go to our Contacts Page for details of our address, phone and email address.

Why not visit our Shop?

Aran Lodge, Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Located half way between the M5 junctions for Cribs Causeway and Avonmouth on the edge of a rural village (no need to go into Bristol). Leave your partner at the Cribbs Shopping complex and pop along to see us nearby! 

Shop Opening Hours 

Callers are welcome between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We close on Friday's that precede a Model Railway Exhibition, to allow us to travel and set up.

Please check the Exhibition Diary for details. 

Also, please phone first to ensure that Pete will be available at the unit if you need to discuss technical issues or ask for advice on our product range.



C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517