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  • Update 1st March Mar 16, 2015

    Welcome to a new venture for us at C&L We welcome both current and new visitors to our site in what looks as though it will be a very busy month for us, going by the amount of interest shown as a result of our recently published adverts. We...

  • Update - 28th February Mar 16, 2015

    SATURDAY 28th FEBRUARY Why have we decided to hold our ‘Mad March’ Sale? To increase our sales and therefore generate profits to allow us to expand our range To save our customers money To give our customers an opportunity to buy...

  • Update 11th February 2015 Feb 15, 2015

    Wednesday 11th February 2015 1) Too busy for updates! The last week and a half has probably been our busiest since Pete took over at C&L almost four years ago. January saw the number of orders received increase by over 50% compared to the...

  • Update - 2nd February Feb 11, 2015

    Monday 2nd February 2015 1) Thief strikes at Stafford Show Our attendance at a very successful show run by the Stafford Railway Circle was tempered by the fact that for the first time since taking over C&L we have been targeted by someone...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

Latest News (added 26th March)

Two Items of good news, and one not so good!

Sale extended for two weeks

The Mad March Sale will now end at midday on Sunday 12th April. The reason for the change of date is twofold. Firstly on a practical note, Pete did not realise how long it would take to actually change all the sale prices. Experience gained has shown that it is not practical to change them back on a weekday evening. It has to be a weekend as each has to be altered individually and so by making the cut off at midday on a Sunday, it means that Pete has the rest of the afternoon and evening to complete the work. This coming week is going to be extremely busy (see below) and so it makes sense to move it to a quieter time. Secondly it seemed unfair to have a sale running during the Ally Pally Show one weekend but not the following weekend at the York Show (no North - South divide at C&L!). It also gives those customers who have been considering building a layout a few more days to consider their options before taking the plunge to take advantage of the savings on offer, which for a big layout can run into hundreds of pounds.


At last we are getting somewhere!

A quote was finally received today that appears to be the best that we are likely to find. Firstly the supplier can make the relatively small numbers that we require, and secondly whilst their prices are quite a bit higher than we are used to paying, they do mean that we should be able to keep the cost of a pack of 10 strips down to around £15, not the £20++ that the previous quotes had come in at. The cost at £15 includes a profit margin which we must included as we still need to tie up capital and pay upfront nearly £3,000 to stock just some of our previous range. The previous quotes at just over £20 did not include a margin for us and so the retail price would have needed to be about £25 for a pack of 10 strips. We will look into the possibility of offering a 'multi-purchase' discount such as the one we normally run for Ballast & Turnout Kits (when there is no Sale taking place), in an effort to ease the price increase that we have been forced to impose. The lead time has been promised at around 2 weeks which is also better than we previously obtained. There is also a possibility of obtaining single sided copperclad, which we have not been able to source at a reasonable price previously.

Obviously the crunch will come once we have seen the samples, as it is crucial that the edges are as straight as possible so that the sides of Sleepers and Timbers look smooth. However, at least there now appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel, even if it means a price rise for our customers and a drop in our profit margins!

Please bear with us whilst we check the standard and hopefully bring this product back to our shelves. There may be a further wait of a month or so before we can stock all of the previous sizes in the range. We are looking to start with the most popular four or five once the samples have been approved

Flexitrack issues and delays

There is still a delay whilst we try and catch up with the making of track. Unfortunately a family bereavement has further reduced our ability to make track, added to which we had the disastrous news this week that both the OO and EM track base injection moulded tools have issues which need to be sorted before any more trackbase can be produced. We are now almost out of EM bases and only have enough OO to make a quarter of the orders that are still outstanding. The OO tool looks like a serious issue in that it would appear that it has cracked right through the metal block. It has gone for an assessment and we will know more about the work needed and the likely costs next week. A replacement tool would costs in the region of £6,000 whilst just to cut out a section by wire eroding and then mini welding a new part into place is likely to cost half of that at least.

These issues could not have come at a worst time, as the bulk of the orders for track received during the current sale have been for OO and EM, hence the trackbase running low. We ordered in double our normal amount in anticipation of higher than normal sales during March, but used all of that in the first two weeks, when it would normally have last three months!

Level of Service - Easter Holiday

It is unfortunate that this year the York Show (over the Easter weekend) falls on the weekend directly after the Ally Pally Show, meaning that two of our biggest shows follow each other. Added to this we are always short of staff during school holidays and so it is likely that we will be unable to deal with all of our orders quite as speedily as normal (flexitrack aside). We will be unloading and clearing up on Monday next week following this weekends show in London, only to have to load it all again on the Wednesday, as we are travelling to York on Thursday. We have travel then otherwise we would be really rushed to set up in time on Good Friday. York is a great show but we have to cart everything to an upper floor via lifts and there are a lot of traders with a lot of stock to shift in those lifts! It therefore takes a lot longer to set up than our normal four hours.

Please note - We will be closed tomorrow (Friday 27th) and completely from Thursday 2nd through until Wednesday 8th (as we will be travelling back on Tuesday 7th, York being a 3 day show). Orders can still be placed on line but the office and shop will not be open. We apologise for any inconvenience casued.


There has been a marked reduction in the number of messages received since Pete posted his Consultation document outlining the issues faced by the huge numbers of messages that were being received. Thank you to those that have found alternative ways of finding answers to their 'general' modelling questions. It has made a big difference to the time that Pete has to do what is needed in the business. He even manage a few hours of 'development work' last Sunday - watch out Facebook - here we come!

Flexitrack - backlog of orders (added 19th March)

Please note that due to a massive number of orders for track, there is now a backlog that is likely to take around two weeks to clear. Unfortunately we can't make the track any quicker, it being all hand built. We tried to avoid this happening and had planned to have a large stock in reserve prior to the start of the Sale. Unfortunately, as mentioned previously our delivery of trackbase was delayed for 3 weeks by a faulty moulding machine and so the build of a reserve of stock could not happen. As a result it is likely that there will be little C&L track to bring to Ally Pally. All we will be able to do is take an order for a later delivery.

Please Note - Any products that are ordered during March will qualify for the Sale price where applicable, even if we are unable to deliver the item until April.

We are keeping pace with orders for Turnout Kits.

Finally, we have added an explanation concerning the situation with the supply of Copperclad to the heading of that pageClick HERE

The 'MAD MARCH' SALE is here!

Welcome to a new venture for us at C&L

Welcome both current and new visitors to our site. What a month so far! I had no idea that our sale would bring in such a huge increase in orders. Obviously I had expected an increase and planned for that, but the level of sales has blown us away, with all of our staff having to work extra, including taking work home with them to get things packed more speedily! Unfortunatley the down side is that there is now a backlog of orders for flexitrack, as we physcially can't make it quick enough to keep up with orders. We are just about maintaining orders for turnout kits, but we apologise if your order has not been dispatched as yet.

In this Sale we have decided to offer a selection of our own products at up to 25% off. This is a great opportunity to either kick start your modelling ambitions or to stock up on things that you know you are likely to soon be needing. Unfortunately not everything has gone to plan! Please read through the section under 'Latest News' (below), as there is quite a lot to explain in relation to the Sale and how it has been set up to work.

The sale focuses on: 

  • Turnout Kits both C&L and Exactoscale in 4mm & 7mm (including new P4 Exactoscale kits in Nickel Silver) 
  • Flexitrack C&L in OO, EM, P4 & F7 (O gauge)
  • Fluxes
  • Ballast
  • Baseboard Fittings/Coverings 
  • Scenic items

I hope you enjoy your look around and wish you good luck with your modelling projects. Do check our Exhibition Diary and pop along to see us at one of the Shows that we will be attending. For details of deadlines re advanced orders for Ally Pally and York shows, please read further down this page.

Regards. Pete Llewellyn (owner of C&L)

       For a 'Sale Product & Price List' - Click RED Icon for a PDF File       (More products will be added to this list shortly)

New to our site? Do you want to jump to the section that tells you more about us and what we can offer?  CLICK HERE  

For the latest position regarding the re-stocking of products and the latest new arrivals please CLICK HERE   (UPDATED 16th March)

You are welcome to visit our Shop on the outskirts of Bristol.  We are only 4 miles from Junction 18 of the M5 at Avonmouth. We are close to the Cribs Causeway Shopping complex should you wish to combine a visit to both retail outlets. 

Issues Facing C&L (added 15th March)

Pete has written a document outlining some of the issues that he sees facing C&L and has made some proposals on what he can do to overcome them. If you have a moment we ask that you have a read, and if you feel the need, please let us know your thoughts via email. We will not be able to reply to each but do promise to read each one in our attempt to find the best way forward.

Click here for the Consultation Document




What are the likely consequences of holding a sale?

There are some points that we ask you to take into account & also some difficulties that have arisen which customers should be aware of:

  1. We have been absolutely deluged with advanced orders, far beyond our wildest expectations. This has caused a massive headache in that it is less than two weeks since the first advert appeared and obviously we have not been able to manufacture or get made the quantity of items that it would appear that we are now likely to require in order to meet demand. A number of our suppliers have worked every day for the last two weeks trying to get additional stock to us, having asked them for more as soon as we realised the huge interest that the adverts had caused. The result is that even with our advanced planning (and the later extra orders for re-stocking that have been sent out immediately after the impact was realised), it is very likely that we will end up with orders backing up that we are not able to dispatch immediately. Obviously this is not how we normally work as we pride ourselves on our level of service, but it seems likely that we may not be able to achieve that in the next week or so.
  2. Our supplier of the trackbase for our Flexitrack had the misfortune to have a major breakdown on the machine they use (with our injection mould tool). Parts had to be dispatched from abroad and so there has been a delay of many weeks in us receiving the trackbase. This has mean that Roy has not been able to get on and build up the stocks of Flexitrack across our range that we had planned for him to do in readiness for the sale. We are therefore likely to have a problem in supplying track in the first week or so of the sale, whilst we try and catch up.
  3. The items included in the sale and the levels of discount offered are not consistent. We have met the prices that we stated in the adverts where we promised ‘up to 25% off’ and have in some cases gone as high as 50%. Others are slightly less than 20%, but we have offered the best that we can. depending upon the profit margin available for each product, and taking into account our need to make more room for the range of new products that we have or will shortly be introducing.
  4. The sale prices are now active (11pm 28th Feb) and will run until midnight on 31st March.
  5. A temporary file (PDF) has been added above which shows a simple list of the product codes of the items currently in the sale, along with their normal and sale price.
  6. Sale prices are easy to spot - the normal price will be in red and crossed out, with the sale price shown alongside. Try the Ballast, Scenic & Weathering Category link on the left of the page and then highlight Scenic. Single prices in black are the normal standard price. 

Stock status numbers – we have tried hard to ensure that the numbers given for the products included in the sale are accurate. We have also arranged for one of a number of messages to appear should an item sell out. It is important that the meaning of these messages is fully understood, as it will save a lot of time and trouble to both parties if it is clear whether we are able to supply the item that is shown as sold out or not. The messages and their meanings are:

Shows that we were clearing out a particular item and that we have now sold all, with no hope of re-stocking this item, either due to us not being able to purchase it or because we no longer wish to stock it.

Means that we currently do not have any items packed and ready for immediate dispatch, but we have the basic products available to send as soon as we can pack them.


Indicates that we should be able to obtain this within the time span mentioned. This is most likely to be seen with products such as Peco, Gaugemaster, Ratio, Wills, Metcalfe or Tools, all of which we normally order on a weekly basis. Depending upon the day of the week that we receive your order will determine whether we are slightly under or over the period shown. Where possible, order by 9am Monday for the quickest turnaround.

Multiple Discounts

Obviously we have suspended the previous system for multi purchases of Turnout Kits and Ballast, as the sale price offers better value overall. The discount for Templates is still in operation, just order what you need and you will see the discount kick in at the bottom of the Shopping Cart and Checkout.

Forthcoming Shows - Deadlines for advanced Orders

ALLY PALLY (28th - 29th March)

Advanced order MUST be with us by noon on Wednesday 25th March at the absolute latest (one day before for 1 or 2 Turnout kits and Friday 20th for more than 3 kits). For Peco, Ratio, Metcalfe & Wills items - deadline is Wednesday 18th March for anything not currently in stock - or to be certain that we can supply. 

YORK (4th - 6th April)

Advanced order MUST be with us by noon on Tuesday 31st March at the absolute latest (a day earlier than normal due to us travelling a day earlier). For orders containing 1 or 2 Turnout kits then a day earlier and Friday 27th for orders with more than 3 kits. For Peco, Ratio, Metcalfe & Wills items - deadline is Tuesday 24th March for anything not currently in stock - or to be certain that we can supply.   

Previous Blog Updates - CLICK HERE 


Who are we and what do we offer?

C&L Finescale aims to encourage modellers who are unhappy with how the trackwork on their layout looks, to rise to the challenge of building at least some of their own track or pointwork. Our simple method is to glue chairs to sleepers and timbers, rather than soldering rails to copper clad strips, to achieve prototypical looking trackwork that includes chairs and other detail. We want your track to compliment your layout and not to look out of place with highly detailed kit and ready to run locos and rolling stock. We are now able to supply both C&L and Exactoscale track components, along with the latest additions to our range in the form of wheels, gear boxes and wagon chassis and brake gear.

The Carr's range of products covers items for the preparations prior to soldering, solders & fluxes as well as post soldering treatments. The range also includes metal black treatments, scenic items, ballast, baseboard fittings and underlay which compliment the C&L range, and are joined by products from other manufacturers such as Antex (soldering irons, bits & accessories) and Roger Smith's modelling products.

We are also UK distributors for Tortoise 'slow action' Point Motors and accessories, and we still offer the 'Timber Tracks' range of laser cut plywood 'Track Bases', although we are no longer able to obtain further supplies.

We aim to give advice to assist new or inexperienced modellers. Visit the Knowledge Centre  on the main Menu, and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages. These pages will be added to and improved over the coming weeks. Further information is given at the start of many of the pages displaying the lists of our products, and these will be expanded with more information and tips as time allows.

We take our stand to around thirty Model Railway Exhibitions throughout the year (see Exhibition Diary), and sell many of our products through other Traders and Model Shops, both in the UK and abroad.

Go to our Contacts Page for details of our address, phone and email address.

Why not visit our Shop?

Aran Lodge, Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Located half way between the M5 junctions for Cribs Causeway and Avonmouth on the edge of a rural village (no need to go into Bristol). Leave your partner at the Cribbs Shopping complex and pop along to see us nearby! 

Shop Opening Hours 

Callers are welcome between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Please note: We close on Friday's that precede a Model Railway Exhibition, to allow us to travel and set up.

Please check the Exhibition Diary for details. 

Also, please phone first to ensure that Pete will be available at the unit if you need to discuss technical issues or ask for advice on our product range.


C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517