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  • Update - 20th July 2015 Jul 23, 2015

    Our main Phone Line has finally been repaired. The fault was traced to a partially broken cable just along the road from our premises, which cause an intermittent short circuit. This gave callers an engaged tone even though the line was not being...

  • Update - 14th July Jul 19, 2015

    Pete is back but Jenny now away till September  We hope to maintain our normal level of service but with Jemmy away on childcare duties it may be that orders take a fraction longer to send out, especially if they contain requests for turnout...

  • Update - 2nd July 2015 Jul 14, 2015

    Pete is now on holiday until Monday 13th July  Pete is off to France to spend a week looking at the Normandy beaches followed by tracing his Grandfathers and Great Uncles part in WWI on the Somme and around Ypres. There will be a small...

  • Update 26th June 2015 Jul 02, 2015

    Stock Take - week commencing 29th June  As a Limited Company the end of our financial year means that we are required by law to complete a stock take, which we are hoping to achieve during this week. It is possible that as a result we will not...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

For our latest news (one part of which is very sad)  CLICK HERE   

For details of NEW Products and availability CLICK HERE  (updated 23/7/15)   To read our previous blogs - CLICK HERE   

Our phones are back working correctly. Please use this number for all calls - 01179 505 470  Updated 11pm Thursday 23rd July

C&L are 'specialists' in model railway trackwork. We sell our own version of flexi-track in 4mm and 7mm that differs from other makes in that it looks just like the prototype. The reason for it looking so realistic is that it is a proportionally scaled down version of the real thing. For example the sleepers are spaced accurately and are of the correct scale length. If you are new to the C&L range we have a page called 'Explaining our Range' which is under the top Menu heading of 'Knowledge Centre'. Follow the link below to see a photo comparison of our track alongside another make, and to learn of the variety of options available in terms of using our track products for your railway. CLICK HERE


We offer a range of 'Easy Build' turnout kits that are simply glued together. They consist of all the parts needed, along with a paper template and track gauges to enable a complete novice to make their first piece of 'hand built' track. No copperclad or soldering involved (apart from attaching a feed wire) and best of all, no filing of the rails! The most difficult components, the common crossing (or frog) and the switch blades come ready made and can be used straight from the packet. The Turnout Kits match with the C&L flexi track and provide the modeller with other options such as Slips (single and double), Diamonds and 3 Ways versions. Normal turnouts can be built on a curve to suit the location if that is required. Kits are available in 4mm (OO, EM, P4) and 7mm (F7 and S7). We also stock the Fintrax range of N gauge 'build your own' track and turnouts. For the more experienced track maker, we are the makers of Exactoscale track components and P4 turnout kits that include a greater range of specialist chairs for that top quality modelling product. The Exactoscale range also include rolling stock components for chassis, wheels & couplings.

We are the owners of the Carrs product range which includes solders, fluxes, baseboard fittings and coverings, as well as scenic items and a range of copperclad.


We are gradually building our range of other products. We are stockist for Peco products, including Wills, Ratio and Metcalfe ranges. We are a UK distributor for Tortoise slow action point motors. We also stock Antex soldering products as well as a wide range of Gaugemaster controllers and modelling products. Other makes on offer are Dapol (plastic kits and working signals), Knightwing (plastic kits), Scenix (ready to use buildings), PH Designs (etched 7mm kits including colour light signals), Delux Materials (adhesives) and more recently Green Scene (scenic products).

Finally we offer the 'Right Track' range of DVDs, a well as a wide selection of modelling Tools, Books, Roger Smith transfers as well as a bespoke track building service.

Examples of C&L track in use
















To read our previous blogs - CLICK HERE


C&L - Latest News

Sad News re the Mill Explosion & Fire near Macclesfield 

C&L Ballast is made from the ground down shells of various nuts, which is a specialist product that has been supplied to us for the last four years by the firm involved in the explosion and deaths at Bosely, nr Macclesfield. Whilst not knowing the missing people directly, obviously I do know some of the staff who I have had dealings with during that time. We can only guess at the devastating effect that this event must have had on the remaining staff and we particularly think of the relatives of those missing, feared killed. It must be an unbelievable strain and worry for all concerned, as well as a very difficult task for the Emergency Services, both those involved in the unpleasant task of the search and those having to support the relatives and staff. In my previous job I was involved in a number of such searches and it is one of the most unpleasant tasks imaginable.

It is too early to say what impact this might have on the supply of our Ballast products and now is not the time to worry about such things.

Regards, Pete

Staff changes - Jim joins C&L 

Today we welcomed a new part time member of staff to our Team. Jim will be assisting Roy with track making and other manufacturing processes which should enable us to build up a much larger stock of flexi track prior to the start of the show season in the autumn. To celebrate the event we stopped briefly from re-vamping the Shop and Warehouse areas in order to have a staff photo! Unfortunately Phil Reid remained in London and was unavailable, and so the photo is of the staff at the Bristol end of our operation!


The crew are (left to right): Roy, Mike, Jenny, Jim, Luke & Pete 

Updated Monday 20th July

Shop - Changes 

Our premises were not originally designed to operate as a shop. However in the four years that we have been at our Unit things have progressed with many more callers now dropping in. Our previous set up did not allow us to display many of the products that we now sell and so today Pete & Jenny made a start on improving the experience for shop visitors. We have re-located everything needed for the dispatching of orders into a separate side room, meaning that we now have a much larger area in which to display products. This area is the first room reached by customers as they enter our premises and so works much better as the Shop. There is still a lot of work to do in terms of fixing pegs boards for hanging displays and purchasing display cabinets etc, but already it looks far more like a shop! However should you need to call during the next week you may find that things are not quite finished, but you will still be able to view many more products than previously. The test will be whether we can find products to pack for web orders now that around 50 pick boxes have been moved to new locations!

Updated - Sunday 18th July


Next Show

Railwells - Sat & Sun 8th - 9th August

Location: Town Hall, Market Place, WELLS, Somerset, BA5 2RB

If you are planning to attend please consider pre-ordering products that you know you need. At this show we are not able to park our van anywhere close and therefore Pete can't send Luke to run to the van to grab additional stock! If one person purchases more than a few of any particular product, then we will have none to sell for the rest of the day.
If products are pre-ordered, it saves customers from having to queue to pay but also helps us ensure that the we maintain at least a few of most products in readiness for those impulse buys!
We can receive pre-orders up until 4pm on Thursday  

For more details of this show please follow this link - RAILWELLS SHOW


Product Availability - Update

For details of  recent restocking of products - CLICK HERE 

Visit our Shop


Our shop is located on the outskirts of Bristol near to the M5 (approximately halfway between junction 17 for Cribs Causeway Shopping Centre and Junction 18 for Avonmouth). 

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.30pm

Please Note - On Fridays prior to our attendance at Shows/Exhibitions we are usually closed, either all day or from miday. Please phone to confirm if you are planning to travel to us on a Friday. For details of the Exhibitions that we are due to attend, please visit our Exhibition Diary. CLICK HERE

Our Address is: 'Aran Lodge', Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Telephone: 01179 505 470


Trade Shows

Thornbury (Bristol)



Pete Llewelyn

C&L Finescale

VAT ID: 113 004976   Registered company number: 07613517