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  • Update 26th June 2015 Jul 02, 2015

    Stock Take - week commencing 29th June  As a Limited Company the end of our financial year means that we are required by law to complete a stock take, which we are hoping to achieve during this week. It is possible that as a result we will not...

  • Update - 20th May 2015 May 26, 2015

    Update - Wednesday 20th May Advanced orders and opening times during Railex Show and Bank Holiday The cut off for advanced order to take to Railex (Aylesbury) is 9am on Thursday 21st May. After that we will be loading the van and will not...

  • Update - 16th May 2015 May 26, 2015

    C&L now match (or better) Hattons on prices for all Peco products It has always been our aim to be as competitive as possible when pricing products made by Peco. We have tried to match (or improve upon) the prices charged by the big online...

  • Update - 13th May 2015 May 26, 2015

    Bracknell Show - Phil Reid will be attending this weekend with our smaller stand, which will be extended from 8 to 12 feet for this show. It is now too late to pre order for delivery as we sent him his stock and pre-orders yesterday. Please...

Welcome to C & L Finescale Modelling Ltd

For our latest news  CLICK HERE   

Our Phone Line is Faulty yet again. Please try our normal number to begin with but if it is continually engaged then please ring 01179 505 539 instead. The engineer is due to attend on Friday but as the fault is of an intermitent nature it is proving very difficult to trace

Updated 10.45pm Thursday

Pete is now on holiday - POSSIBLE REDUCTION IN SERVICE - Please read the latest news 


C&L are 'specialists' in model railway trackwork. We sell our own version of flexi-track in 4mm and 7mm that differs from other makes in that it looks just like the prototype. The reason for it looking so realistic is that it is a proportionally scaled down version of the real thing. For example the sleepers are spaced accurately and are of the correct scale length. If you are new to the C&L range we have a page called 'Explaining our Range' which is under the top Menu heading of 'Knowledge Centre'. Follow the link below to see a photo comparison of our track alongside another make, and to learn of the variety of options available in terms of using our track products for your railway. CLICK HERE

We offer a range of 'Easy Build' turnout kits that are simply glued together. They consist of all the parts needed, along with a paper template and track gauges to enable a complete novice to make their first piece of 'hand built' track. No copperclad or soldering involved (apart from attaching a feed wire) and best of all, no filing of the rails! The most difficult components, the common crossing (or frog) and the switch blades come ready made and can be used straight from the packet. The Turnout Kits match with the C&L flexi track and provide the modeller with other options such as Slips (single and double), Diamonds and 3 Ways versions. Normal turnouts can be built on a curve to suit the location if that is required. Kits are available in 4mm (OO, EM, P4) and 7mm (F7 and S7). We also stock the Fintrax range of N gauge 'build your own' track and turnouts. For the more experienced track maker, we are the makers of Exactoscale track components and P4 turnout kits that include a greater range of specialist chairs for that top quality modelling product. The Exactoscale range also include rolling stock components for chassis, wheels & couplings.

We are the owners of the Carrs product range which includes solders, fluxes, baseboard fittings and coverings, as well as scenic items and a range of copperclad.


We are gradually building our range of other products. We are stockist for Peco products, including Wills, Ratio and Metcalfe ranges. We are a UK distributor for Tortoise slow action point motors. We also stock Antex soldering products as well as a wide range of Gaugemaster controllers and modelling products. Other makes on offer are Dapol (plastic kits and working signals), Knightwing (plastic kits), Scenix (ready to use buildings), PH Designs (etched 7mm kits including colour light signals), Delux Materials (adhesives) and more recently Green Scene (scenic products).

Finally we offer the 'Right Track' range of DVDs, a well as a wide selection of modelling Tools, Books, Roger Smith transfers as well as a bespoke track building service.

Examples of C&L track in use
















To read out previous blogs - CLICK HERE


C&L - Latest News

Pete is now on holiday until Monday 13th July 

Pete is off to France to spend a week looking at the Normandy beaches followed by tracing his Grandfathers and Great Uncles part in WWI on the Somme and around Ypres. There will be a small reduction in service as follows:

ORDERS - not affected unless it is a product that is out of stock and is something that can normally be ordered in quite quickly i.e. from Peco, Gaugemaster or DCC Concepts, in which case it may have to wait to be ordered until Monday 13th.

SHOP - Friday 3rd - closed from midday. Monday 6th to Tuesday 7th - closed from 3pm. Wednesday 8th to Friday 10th - closed at 4pm.

EMAILS - Jenny will answer order related messages but everything else will have to wait until Pete is back on 13th. The backlog is then likely to take a few extra days to clear so apologies for any inconvenience caused.

TELEPHONE - use 01179 505 470 to start with but if continually engaged please use 01179 505 539 instead (will only be answered during the above shop opening hours)

Stock Status for Products


We have completed our stock take and have updated the web site with the details. The 'Stock Status' for each product will now show only whether an item is in stock or not and will no longer give the actual number available. If an item is out of stock the message should indicate the course of action to take. It might suggest that you 'Order normally - sent out 7 days' as an example, in which case we should then be able to obtain the item quite quickly and forward it on to you, normally within about 7 days (bear in mind that this may not be possible whilst Pete is away). Alternatively the stock status may report that there will be a considerable wait or inform you not to order at all at present as we are unable to obtain the item in the near future. Pete is gradually working his way through our 3,500 products to update the Stock Status reports for every product so that an accurate option is shown for each item should then become out of stock. At present there are still many products to update and so the message may not be the correct one. Hopefully the majority are now accurate and reflect the situation regarding the timescale likely to be involved, so that customers have a better idea as to the likelihood of the product being available again and when. Sometimes a note is added to the description that gives further information. 

NEW - DCC Concept products

We have started to stock the vast range of products from Australian firm DCC Concepts. It will take a number of weeks to gradually add the products so please keep checking the 'Make - DCC Concept' category but it might be best to wait until Pete is back if you need to order something that is currently out of stock. We bought one of lots of things just to get us started and have had to re-order already, but even so a number have sold out and can't now be re-ordered until Pete is back. 

NEW - Flangeway Gauges

Pete has been trying to get someone to make him a small batch of these useful gauges for almost a year. Having finally persuaded someone to take on the job, the first batch arrived today, but will have to wait to be added to the web site when he is back. 

Updated - Thursday 2nd July


New Shows added to Exhibition Diary

1) Chiltern Show - 18th July

Location: Parmiter’s School, High Elms Lane Watford WD25 0UU
Please note this event is advance ticket only but allows for tea and biscuit’s all day and Buffet Lunch.
For booking details please go to Chiltern Model Railway Association website LINK.
A note from Phil, who will be attending on our behalf.
"I will be wearing my demo hat this weekend which means I can give more time and advice than I would normally be able to do at general show".
"I will have the full range of C&L and Exctoscale components including complete kits in both 4mm (OO, EM, P4) & 7mm and the majority of the Carrs range. I carry a good stock of Peco points and flexi track in the principle scales N, OO9, OO & O and carry many of the Peco accessories. The useful beginner's Setrack packs in OO will also be available along with other items from the Setrack range. I have a limited stock of Gaugemaster controllers and accessories. I now also stock Wires, BA fittings and small drills as an addition to the stand, which is supported by Eileen's Emporium".
"Wills and Ratio items subject to space on the day due to the fact that I will have a passenger so if you need something from this range please pre order".
Thanks Phil Reid

 For more details please follow this link - CHILTERN SHOW  

2) Farnham - 10-11th October


Copperclad - WThe standard of the cutting of the copperclad from the new supplier is excelent, with edges as smooth as you could ask for. We now have all but one of the sizes in stock.  

244 degree Solder (C1005) - There has been a further delay of one week with the delivery of this product.  

Roger Smith Transfers - These have arrived and the site updated with our new stock levels. We will be adding the 2mm range shortly along with a number of new products in 4mm that we will now be able to stock. 

Product Availability - Update

For details of  recent restocking of products - CLICK HERE 

Visit our Shop


Our shop is located on the outskirts of Bristol near to the M5 (approximately halfway between junction 17 for Cribs Causeway Shopping Centre and Junction 18 for Avonmouth). 

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday - 9am to 4.30pm

Please Note - On Fridays prior to our attendance at Shows/Exhibitions we are usually closed, either all day or from miday. Please phone to confirm if you are planning to travel to us on a Friday. For details of the Exhibitions that we are due to attend, please visit our Exhibition Diary. CLICK HERE

Our Address is: 'Aran Lodge', Severn Road, Hallen, Bristol, BS10 7RZ

Telephone: 01179 505 470


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Pete Llewelyn

C&L Finescale

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